Kourtney Kardashian might be hanging out with Luka Sabbat, but her heart is being tugged by Scott Disick. A source close to the mother of three has revealed to HollywoodLife that she really appreciates what Disick did this Thanksgiving – he chose his kids over his new girlfriend.

“She appreciated Scott so much for making their children a priority and spending the holiday with them, instead of Sofia,” says the insider. While Scott had a sleepover with the Kardashians on the Turkey Day, Sofia Richie spent the eve with her family.

With Kourt’s “number one priority” being her kids, she couldn’t not appreciate Scott for the efforts he is also pouring in to give them a normal childhood. However, this new side of Scott, his loving and mature behavior is also putting him back into Kourtney’s mind. As the insider further added, “it makes her miss the good times they spent together.”

Scott Disick is spending more and more time with his ex and their three kids, Mason, Penelope, and Reign lately. He also went on a family trip to Bali with them. He keeps showing that while he is serious with her new model GF, he is committed to his family as well.

Now, we’ve seen how hungover Scott was over Kourtney Kardashian when they first broke up. Then he moved on and found a more than a decade younger girlfriend only because Kourt was with a much younger guy.

He’s also been vocal on Keeping Up with the Kardashians that he misses Kourt and their kids. Moreover, if you look closely you’ll be able to spot the many similarities between Kourt and Sofia. As in, they do look alike. Over and above that, Scott and Kourt had said on the reality TV show of the Kardashians that they’ll try and get back together when they turn 40.

Guess who turns 40 soon? Kourtney Kardashian!