Kim Kardashian is no stranger to giving her hair a makeover every now and then. This year she rocked platinum blonde locks that were an instant hit and an inspiration to many. She was among the first few big names to sport the shade this year. The reality TV star also who just recently cut her long mane into a lob just painted her hair in a new hue.

And this time her hair color is all hot in the cold weather! It’s like snowflakes on a particularly dark afternoon. The sort that mesmerize you and make you want to keep looking lest you miss any details. Her new hair color is icy blue. It’s like her hair is wearing Cinderella’s outfit. If platinum blue would have been a color this is what it would have looked like.

Kim was spotted rocking this new hair of hers on Saturday with a matching outfit – looking breezy and sassy as always. Her hairstylist posted her picture on Instagram with the caption “❄️ Guys lets talk about how fire @kimkardashian looks!” This, of course, invited fans’ comments talking about how Kim is the ultimate slay queen.

She sure is; this diva can rock every look. She’s kept the roots on the darker end of the spectrum and her edgy lob that she got earlier in December is freshly trimmed to look more angular and blunt. Kim has worn this style after a long time; her signature one consists of long strands.

Not sure for how long she’s going to keep it short considering the last time she sported a lob, she was quick to change it back. If you’re wondering how she keeps her color treated hair healthy, the model has previously mentioned that Nexxus Emergecee Protein Treatment is her savior. We wouldn’t be surprised if this trend takes over fashionistas and icy blue is crowned the best hair color for 2018.