Ever looked at a celebrity’s flawless features and gorgeous skin and wondered how it is even possible to be this good-looking? Kim Kardashian and her sisters often make fans ask this question. However, those who have been following their journey for quite sometime now, know very well that these sisters rely heavily on cosmetic procedures.

Rumor says Kim Kardashian has had her bum filled along with getting several Botox injections for her face. The makeup mogul knows how to skillfully enhance her beauty and coat her imperfections. However, a new picture of the mother of three reveals that nothing can help sometimes.

As pointed out by Daily Mail first, Kim Kardashian has acne. The CEO of KKW Beauty wore multiple layers of makeup when spotted out on Feb 5, Monday in Los Angeles with her sister Kourtney Kardashian, and Scott Disick, yet she couldn’t hide the raised bumps on her face. The 38-year-old had acne around her lip, on her forehead, and on her chin.

Perhaps having her face painted on 24/7 as she jumps from event to event, one photoshoot to the next, has truly got to her. Kim K is not the only sister who has acne though. Last year, at the Grammy awards, Kendall Jenner was rocking a black dress and nude makeup.

However, the foundation also couldn’t hide her acne, something for which people had rudely slammed her. Being the boss babe that she is, Kendall had replied by retweeting a fan who had praised her for her confidence along with adding “never let that shit stop you!”

Looks like elder sister Kim Kardashian follows the same mantra and doesn’t let acne get the best of her. At the end of the day, she did manage to look glamorous on a casual day out with her family despite the pesky bumps on her skin. You go girl!