Bad things happen. Sometimes we hurt people without intending to. And that happens with celebrities too. Take for instance Kendall Jenner and that notorious Pepsi commercial that received backlash as soon as it aired. Though Kendall hasn’t elaborated her feelings about what happened, she did talk a little bit about it recently on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

For those who don’t know, back in April, the 22-year-old starred in a Pepsi advert that received hate for being hateful. It was slammed for exploiting and capitalizing on important movements like Black Lives Matter and The Women’s March. The intent was to promote a feel-good vibe, but the ad couldn’t deliver that. It instead vexed people for many thought that the brand was taking advantage of the social and political situation of that time.

Despite that being old news, Kendall Jenner doesn’t seem to have fully recovered from it. Earlier in October, fans had seen Kendall sharing her feelings about it on KUWTK in the show’s season premiere. The Jenner had said, “After I saw the reaction and I read what people had to say about it, I most definitely saw what went wrong.” She further clarified, all teary-eyed, “the fact that I would offend other people or hurt other people was definitely not the intent.”

In the most recent episode of the reality TV show, while the Kar-Jen ladies were attending media training at sister Kim K’s request, the Kendall-Pepsi incident’s topic was reopened. Kendall was questioned whether or not she’d do it again if she was given the opportunity. To this, she answered, “I think it was definitely a huge learning lesson.” She went on to say, “there were a lot of things that were blinding me. There were a lot of people I had faith in. There were a lot of things I had trust in.”

She also further said that she did not blame her mum Kris Jenner aka her manager for that unfortunate incident. “I have learned so much over the last four years of my career,” said the supermodel. “I have learned that the only person who is going to truly watch out for me is me.”

About the entire scenario Kim was of the view that “The Kardashian side has always been so open, so if that had happened to us, we would have said something right away.” To which Kendall shot back saying, “You guys have never had something like this happen to you before.”