We’ve heard so many Kar-Jen pregnancy news since the past year, some true, some rumors, some false. While Khloe Kardashian did confirm that she is pregnant in December and the truth about the Kylie rumor has not yet been unearthed, another member of their family who was targeted by fans in a pregnant web of such rumors is Kendall.

On Saturday night, the reality TV show star posted a picture on Instagram, which for some twisted reason brought on a queue of offensive comments that expressed the thoughts of followers wondering whether the model was expecting. In the picture, Kendall Jenner is wearing a tight fitted polka dotted strap dress.

Kendall Jenner


She captioned the picture, “loner life 👽” The comments that ensued read, “R u pregnant?” Another commenter said, “Wait so is she pregnant or not? ( I just saw the photo) lol” A few people also made sensible comments, for instance, this one fan wrote, “I miss those abs but , ok I mean she’s human , she has to eat !”

The silly questions of the audience led Jenner to get vocal and clarify the matter on Twitter. She addressed MTV’s article which the channel had tweeted with the caption, “Ummm so fans now reckon @KendallJenner is preggers thanks to this Instagram pic?!” Kendall retweeted this post with a “i just like bagels ok!!” We can totes relate.

For some reason, people really seem to be obsessed with the idea of the Kardashians being pregnant. Then two days back, Kendall drove her point home by posting pictures on Instagram with supermodel friend Bella Hadid. Hadid too posted their meetup’s pics. In the photographs, Kendall is seen in a crop top baring those abs of hers, proving that bagels or not, she knows her fitness routine and is not with baby. She captioned the picture, “new year, same us”