Who won the Met Gala religion meets fashion theme? Katy Perry. Rihanna was looking stunning too and Katy might as well have to share the crown with her. The Witness singer was seen in a gold metallic mini dress by Versace with full sheer sleeves. Completing her look were over-the-knee matching metallic boots.

But that’s not what added the extra sass. That credit goes to the pair of angelic wings that the songstress was seen wearing! The wings were huge, taller than Perry herself, and she made a theatric entry wearing them. The diva even sat down on the stairs to give photographers a chance to click pictures from all angles.

And there was a meme moment as well. Katy Perry’s massive wings were challenging to navigate. The 33-year-old also knocked a woman on her way but seemed to be pretty unapologetic about the little scene. People had to move aside to give her wings space. Turns out this woman is her stylist, Jamie Mizrahi.



As Mizrahi came forward to smooth down a feather, Perry brushed the huge wing into her face! The stylist could’ve tripped but good thing nothing of that sort happened. Point to be noted: Mizrahi is currently pregnant. While most of her fans can’t stop laughing at how hilarious this moment was, others think that Perry should’ve at least said sorry. Katy didn’t even say something as she abruptly started walking, hitting the huge wing in the woman’s face even if it was not done intentionally.

While Katy Perry made a grand entrance in a vintage car, the exhausted engine didn’t meet all her needs and actually, quite disappointingly, stopping working. Before she reached, Jamie Mizrahi had already given the audience an idea that Katy Perry was about to leave an impression. Mizrahi said, “I will just say she will definitely make an entrance! I mean you know Katy, how much she loves dress up and theatrics and kind of a production, so I think that is the joy in that.”