You know that slow makeup tease that has you hooked to your Instagram feed or glued to your Snapchat? Either way, phone or laptop, e-zine or magazine, here or there, you just need to know what’s up?

Lucky for the beauty pros they get to play these games with the sensitive makeup-loving hearts of young ladies and lasses. The girls truly fit into the picture of damsels in distress when they can’t figure if it is just an eyeshadow palette that is coming up or it’s the full-fledged goodness of a collection?

The same question has quizzed us again in the case of the cosmetics line of Kathleen Lights. The dream of a collection is too good to be true but then dreams are seen to be fulfilled and with the recent updates that Kathleen Fuentes is making, we are thinking if this dream is going to hit the runway of the reality realm anytime soon.

Sneak peaks are torturous but at the same time relieving. Initially, Kathleen teased us with an orange-red lipstick that had our hearts on fire this winter season. Our excitement only tweaked up when she shared her eyeshadow and then more eyeshadows. Here is where the excitement started to settle and found some footing.

But then just recently, Kathleen has given a peek into lip gloss and the excitement levels are shooting to the zenith. Her post builds up the anticipation as she reveals, “I have a lip gloss coming out soon…” But at the same time, it’s sprouting a question, could it be possible that KL is going to have a collection?

The odds align with a definite yes but it is hard to say anything yet. The least we can say is that Fuentes’s up to something, whatever it is, it is good news for sure!