Looks like Justin Bieber is having very depressive days. Since the start of his relationship with Hailey Baldwin, the Sorry singer has been seen sobbing several times.

Recently, he was seen crying at a Harry Potter themed bar in Orlando, Florida. Is he still sad about Selena Gomez’s sickness? Is he battling personal demons? Or is he sad that Cedric Diggory was killed off? Sorry, we’re just kidding. We don’t know but we do care.

As per a report by Daily Mail, the Canadian hitmaker was seen at Leaky Cauldron on Sunday, weeping uncontrollably. His wife, Hailey was trying to comfort him, but he couldn’t keep the tears from overflowing.

As the newly married couple made their way to the bar, their security team cleared everyone out. Then by 11.15 they ordered two drinks – butterbeer, for those who are curious. An onlooker mentioned that Bieber was looking “disheveled and distressed.”

The witness further added, “We came into the Leaky Cauldron at the exact time as them, so their security was in the process of moving people out.” “They just walked in and sat down at a table while their security got to work. They ordered a couple of butterbeers.”

Justin has told the media himself before that the reason behind his tears, which have been seen before in public as well this year, is that he also has bad days. Very normal, Justin. Some sources have reported that Justin and Hailey’s differences have birthed fights.

Hailey wants to work more, and Justin wants to work less and focus on spending time with Hailey. Is it just us, or is it actually too early for them to already be fighting? So much so that Justin is feeling the need to cry uncontrollably regardless of where he is. Daily Mail has also shown pictorial proof of the incident.