Jimmy Choo’s latest ad campaign featuring Cara Delevingne has become the target of social media’s anger. The advert has upset several viewers and people are calling it “sexist” and “tone-deaf.” In the advertisement, the Paper Towns actress is seen swaggering down the street wearing a blonde wig, a red sequined mini dress, paired with sparkly sock-boots.

The problem? As she struts down the crowded NYC street, random men catcall and whistle at her. At one point, this man who whistles at her, shouts, “Nice shoes, lady” and she just smirks and walks off. Understandably, the point that the commercial wanted to deliver was that her shoes are so stunning that men impulsively react and praise them. However, it’s pretty obvious what went wrong.

With how sensitive the topic of sexual harassment is and how women struggle with being ogled and whistled at every single day, promoting catcalling no matter how unintentionally or subtly is a move that is bound to offend. Even the idea of street harassment is not cool – the problem is serious, and it is not uncommon for it to play a role in entirely ruing someone’s life.

And Cara Delevingne herself had opened up about her own sexual harassment just recently. As expected, social media is outraged. One Twitter user wrote, “Because being cat-called and harassed on the streets of NYC is just so cool, sexy and fun! Wow. Read the room, Jimmy Choo!” While another said, “Perhaps now is not the best moment to run an ad about how cool and sexy catcalling is?”

This is not the first time an advert has received so much backlash. The Pepsi advertisement that came out in April starring Kendall Jenner was also severely slammed. Kendall Jenner has still not recovered with what had happened. About this Jimmy Choo commercial, neither anyone from Jimmy’s camp nor Cara has clarified anything.