James Allen

One has breezed through the day, wrapping work at the earliest while simultaneously making calls for the perfect arrangements. After all, proposing someone is a superbly important matter of one’s life, as it tends to dig roots of a permanent file in one’s memory drawer. Thus, ensuring that everything is picture perfect is the wise thing to do. While you may have made sure that no stone is left unturned but chances are something that is the most significant has slipped one’s mind or it is there but one simply does not know which choice to make. Rings a bell? Yes, that’s the engagement ring that is supremely essential. Not to forget that it goes on to one’s Instagram engagement selfie too.

But let’s say that one is in pure luck, as an online jewelry shop, James Allen is the best stop that can provide you with the best ring you have been looking for.

JamesAllen.com is an online store that is laden with all things shimmery, making it the best place for diamonds, engagement and wedding rings, fine jewelry, and gemstones. Since one has the option to shop online, he gets extreme convenience on top of the beautiful items of jewelry that can glue hearts together forever. The diamond jewelry stop offers a wide variety and is backed with ten years of experience in crafting the stones and gems to perfection. The media is praising it too so there is no harboring the thoughts that screech scam alert.

James Allen Features

The James Allen jewelry offers variety, convenience, quality, and a prime collection of mesmerizing articles of jewelry. Before selecting an item or two, it is essential to dig deeper into what the brand offers as a staple in all its diamond and gemstone pieces. Here is what the online brand has to offer:

  • Jewelry crafted in brilliance

Each item that the brand offers is crafted with care, precision, and an eye for detail. Each design speaks volumes about the hard work that has gone into its making with careful strokes in the way that the stone is molded by an expert set of hands.

  • Pure radiating diamonds and gemstones

Each piece on the jewelry collection sparkles to stand out. It has been designed to accentuate one’s look. In doing so, the diamonds and gemstones used are the purest that lets a person twinkle with great radiance.

  • Vast collection

One of the best judging parameters for any shop specifically a jewelry one is the vastness of the pool of choices it offers. In the case of this online diamond stop, there is a wide range of products to choose. Not only does the store offer great quality and quantity of choice categories but each class of jewelry item is also packed with a wide array of products to choose from.

In fact, the brand has a lot to offer, which is why it describes its collection as, “one of the world’s biggest collections of loose diamonds.” In case, the vast spectrum of choices confuses one, he can always select something from the bestseller items that are pure wow.

  • Real-time diamond inspection service

Another feature that the James Allen e-store boasts is that it facilitates with a Real-time diamond inspection service. This is an individual consultation session with a certified gemologist. The profession is ever ready to give one expert advice.

Additionally, choosing a diamond is not a child’s play. Of course, it seems simple but an investment like this one needs to be worthy of the dollars spent on it. To make matters smooth, the online store allows one to explore diamonds in a 360° HD screen with a magnification of up to 40 times. One can always select an item or diamonds that interest him the most along with a simultaneous chat of expert advice and guidance with a pro.

  • Shopping convenience

An added plus is that diamond and gemstone jewelry articles are up for grabs online. One would not have to hurry to a store and back. Rather, he can always call the shots via his digital screen. The shopping experience is more realistic with the wide variety and because one can shop under the guidance of a professional gemologist. The store also allows one to zoom in up to 40 times to inspect the details of the products before selection and checkout.

  • Comprehensive collections

Last but not the least, the jewelry bands offered by this brand are not limited to women. There are items for men as well so that this store is a comprehensive one-stop for all. Moreover, the jeweled articles are not for one but for all occasions of life.

Collections Offered

The hand-crafted jewels at the James Allen store are crowned with gemstones and diamonds. One can easily select any of the unforgettable pieces. Some of the jewelry collections offered are:

  • Eternity Rings

Rings are perfect items for bonding two people with the promise of forever. The eternity ring collection offers wonders to this end. It is packed with pieces that will serve as the most luxurious and beautiful anniversary or wedding bands. If the temptation is hard to ignore, one can simply slip the band besides the engagement ring.

  • Gemstone Collection

As its name suggests, this collection is packed with gems that come in pure shades of brilliance. There is a good collection of ruby, emerald, and sapphire jewelry for oneself or for some loved one. After all, one never needs a rhyme or reason to proudly carry a gemstone on her finger.

  • Men’s Wedding Rings

Here is another boundless collection of brilliance for that special someone. The category collection is particularly designed for men and it keeps in mind their various styles, which means that there is a great variety to pick from. Regardless of the male’s preference, there is a favorite band for all.

The collection boasts items for those who like to keep it classic or those who prefer rugged carved. There is also a range to select from elegant diamonds or simply alternative metals.

  • Diamond Studs

Rings aren’t all. James Allen showcases a stud collection too. Because diamond studs make for great gifts that maximize one’s style statement, such a collection is a must. There is a lot to choose from, varying from bold to sophisticated.

There is a lot more offered too including bracelets, earrings, and pendants. One can get crowns of diamond and gemstones with numerous combination of metal beds. Some of these include white gold, platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold. This makes getting jewelry made to one’s custom requirements all the more easy.

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NYC Showroom

In case, one wants to double check the collection without a digital screen in between, he can always visit James Allen NYC showroom on Fifth Avenue. The place allows one to have a 3D experience of the fine jewelry and diamonds. One thing to bear in mind is that individuals need to schedule an appointment before paying a visit to the jewels gallery.

Other than that, the online shopping experience also aims at being the best by allowing 360 degree magnified views of the products and a vigilant, round the clock customer service team. The team is available all the time via phone, email, and chat.

Presented In the Media

The media is also all praise for James Allen. It has been featured in top publishing fishes such as Forbes, Elite Daily, Buzzfeed, PopSugar, Refinery29, Maxim, and many more.

Lifetime Warranty

The e-store, James Allen is not only dedicated to improving the diamond shopping experience of its customers but it also ensures the best quality product. Resultantly, the brand promises that all items are both made under full quality control by the best craftsmen and are also inspected for any slips before shipment.

To further this objective, the brand offers a free lifetime warranty for its customers so that their jewelry can be maintained and repaired for a lifetime. The warranty covers free cleaning services, rhodium plating, prong tightening, and re-polishing.

60-days Free Resizing

Within 60 days of purchase of the jewelry item, the largest online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer provides a free resizing one. This is applicable to all items including alternative metals and eternity brands.

Free Worldwide Shipping

An additional delight is that once a product is purchased, it will be shipped free of cost to anywhere in the world. The e-brand offers free, safe, and fast shipping to all nooks and corners of the world. All orders are packaged securely and the free shipping token is applicable regardless of the total order amount.

In a nutshell, James Allen, an online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer is a great place to make your special pick. It offers several perks such as lifetime warranty and free worldwide shipping alongside quality diamonds and a vast collection of jewels. One can also get his or her engagement ring designed to personal preferences as well. There is an option to start either with a diamond or its setting. The outcome is a great ring that will stay close to one’s heart.