While Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott didn’t wait for long before planning a child together, the couple has sure taken its time to take their relationship to the next level. The makeup mogul and her rapper boyfriend welcomed their daughter Stormi to the world in February.

Prior to her love affair with Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner was in a relationship with Tyga. Though she broke up with Tyga when she found her he was cheating on her, her rules weren’t as strict for the Stargazing star. When their relationship was at its first stage of blooming last year, rumors broke out saying that Travis Scott was cheating on Kylie with not one or three but four women!

However even if that rumor did have any truth to it, the incident didn’t manage to split these two lovebirds. Now Kylie Jenner has spent above a year with Travis and their baby girl has only further strengthened their love for each other.

Earlier this year after finding out that Kylie had given birth, her fans started to wonder if the massive diamond ring in her finger signified her engagement to Travis Scott. That was clearly not the case though. Jenner might not have advanced her relationship with baby daddy Travis, but she sure has progressed with her makeup empire.

The 20-year-old is very close to billionaire status, something Travis Scott is very “proud” of. Tomorrow, she is all set to celebrate her 21st year on earth and it has us wondering, what is Travis Scott going to gift her? A new report by Hollywood Life suggests that Travis is planning to surprise Kylie with a proposal!

“Travis wants to put together a huge marriage proposal to Kylie for her birthday,” a source told the media outlet. The source also added that Travis is on the lookout for a massive ring for the purpose. He has also taken advice from Kylie Jenner’s brother-in-law, Kanye West.

Only time can tell us if there is any truth to this news. In another report, Hollywood Life also claims that an insider has given word that Kris Jenner is worried that the couple would elope. Momager wants to be there at the wedding and Travis whisking her daughter away is not how she wants it to go.

She also wants to protect her daughter’s assets and wants Travis to sign a prenup before he and Kylie read the wedding vows. According to the source, “Kris fears he might whisk Kylie off and marry her without any warning.”