Gatorade is a sports drink that is consumed for rehydrating and energizing. Gatorade allows sportsmen or exercisers to up their performance and also increase their endurance. It was created in 1965 by scientists for a football team called the Gators. The drink contains electrolytes and replaces fluids and carbs as well.

While the beverage is not harmful for those who are involved in intense physical activity or working out, drinking it without a need is not a good idea. That is because excess Gatorade consumption poses health risks for your health. It must be kept in mind that Gatorade is not bad if used sensibly and by people who need it. Experts recommend parents to restrict the use of Gatorade for their children.

The negative side effects of drinking too much Gatorade

Binging on Gatorade on a regular basis does more harm to your health than good. That is because the drink contains sodium, calories, sugar, and citric acid in huge amounts. Below we’ve explored 6 negative side effects of drinking too much Gatorade.

1 – Increase in weight

While the sports drink holds immense popularity, drinking it in huge amounts can lead to weight gain. Why does it cause weight gain, though? Because of its high calorie content. As per Calorie King, a single serving of Gatorade contains 200 calories. These calories are accumulated as excess fats which leads to weight gain. Unsurprisingly, an increase is weight is the most common side effect of regularly binging on the drink.

2. High blood pressure

It’s no secret that, like sugar, an excess of salt intake can also cause health problems to arise. Too much of salt can cause hypertension. Moreover, it also increases the risks of cardiovascular problems such as stroke and heart attack. Gatorade does not only have high levels of sugar, but the beverage also comprises of huge amounts of sodium.

3. Increase in blood sugar

We’ve mentioned above that excess sugar intake is harmful for health. Everyone’s sugar intake needs differ, and it is also recommended to up one’s sugar after an exercise session. However, too much sugar intake can raise one’s blood sugar markers which is certainly not good news. What’s more, too much sugar is especially dangerous for patients of diabetes and other such conditions.

4. Hypervitaminosis A

Did you know that an excess of vitamins and minerals can also backfire? You see, vitamin A and fat-soluble vitamins can cause vitamin toxicity. Gatorade contains both of these in massive quantities. So, what happens when you are suffering from vitamin toxicity? Fatigue, headaches, nausea, pain in the bones, and blurred vision are some signs that you have Hypervitaminosis A. This condition can be both acute or chronic.

5. Hypernatremia

When the cells of the body are overhydrated sodium levels drop drastically. This is a condition called hypernatremia that occurs as a side effect of overdosing on Gatorade. Hypernatremia is deadly which proves that too much Gatorade is harmful for health rather than beneficial. So, if you’re questioning whether too much Gatorade is bad for you, you know the answer is yes.

6. Tooth enamel erosion

Did you know that Gatorade is as acidic as vinegar? Gatorade contains a whole lot of citric acid which allows it to cause harm to your oral health. Gatorade consumption in excess can cause cavities and can also erode the tooth enamel. In fact, a study reveals that Gatorade’s adverse impacts on tooth enamel are even worse than those caused by carbonated drinks.

It is also to be noted here that Gatorade contains a lot of artificial colorings and additives. Their excess intake is not recommended either.

Key takeaway

If you think that guzzling down one after another serving of Gatorade is going to benefit your health, you’re wrong. The powerful sports drink is not as advantageous to your health as you may have come to believe.

In fact, there are several negative side effects that accompany the excess intake of Gatorade. These include high blood pressure levels, high blood sugar levels, upped cardiovascular risks, hypernatremia, and vitamin toxicity. Moreover, it can cause damage to your oral health as well. This is why, you should drink Gatorade in limited amounts.