Netflix might be creative with its stellar shows, but the actors involved in the streaming service’s series are even more so. Fans were bombarded with happiness when Kiernan Shipka, who is set to take up the lead role in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, shared a picture with Tommy Dorfman and Camila Mendes.

She captioned the picture saying “13 Chilling Adventures of Riverdale #Crossover?” and of course, the internet started crying happy tears. Then, Tommy Dorfman who plays Ryan Shaver in 13 Reasons Why posted the same picture with a similar caption. Dorfman also shared the picture on his Twitter, writing, “whose thumb IS THAT THO?” Yeah, where did that thumb come from?

Camila Mendes who portrays Veronica Lodge on Riverdale also shared the picture in her Instagram stories. Her co-star Cole Sprouse came into the mix too, when he wrote “#content” in the comments’ section. But things didn’t get heated up until Netflix didn’t jump into the matter itself.

The original account of Netflix left a comment saying, “I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS.” Honestly, we can’t either! The story doesn’t end here folks. The streaming service loved the idea so much, it reposted the picture, captioning it “My heart rate just skyrocketed. The most ambitious crossover event featuring all my absolute faves.” AGREED!

So, since everyone is on board, will we be getting a crossover? When it was announced that Sabrina was set to be made into a show, fans started to expect and suggest a crossover between the show and Riverdale. Considering both the shows are based in the same universe, the probability of getting a few Riverdale x The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina episodes seems to be pretty high.

However, we don’t think that we’d be getting all three shows in the same mix. You see, there are no similarities between them. 13 Reasons Why also belongs to an entirely different genre. Either way, because we are crazy devotees, we’ll keep hoping. Fans around the globe are excited for this to happen. Shipka has dared Netflix to make this happen. OMG, THIS SHOULD HAPPEN!

The Sabrina-centric show is set to bring our teen obsessions to screen in October.