Lice are little bloodsucking devils that can literally cost you the peace of your mind. In addition to the embarrassment, the itch these devilish bugs cause can be uncontrollable. The internet and grandmas are rife with home remedies to get rid of these hair monsters. The question is, are they really effective?

Some people suggest using vinegar to combat hair lice, others suggest chemical-based lice solutions. The odds of seeing results are, however, uncertain. This brings us to the role that mayonnaise plays in eliminating head lice. Research that attempts to answer the effectiveness of mayo is contradictory. However, it mostly leans in favor of the positive result. You only need to be cautious about the process of application.

How to apply mayonnaise in your hair for eliminating lice?

The drill of using mayonnaise for head lice is really simple. Apply a good layer of this thick, creamy paste on your hair, put on a shower cap, and doze off peacefully. The next day, get rid of the dead lice with a fine-toothed comb. Follow the drill again after a week or after ten days. This is essential to make sure that the remaining lice and its eggs are eliminated.

Mayonnaise for head lice works by suffocating the lice. As you put on a shower cap and leave it overnight, the DIY remedy cuts the oxygen supply of the lice family, resulting in their death. Any lice and eggs that survive are bid farewell in the next round of mayonnaise application.

What does the research say about mayonnaise’s role?

A study points out that mayonnaise is only effective when a liberal amount of the paste is applied to your hair and is left there for 12 hours. Research confirms that mayo creates an unfavorable environment for lice, which is why they don’t survive and eventually die.

Some studies think that mayo is fully effective when it is used in combination with something else for treating hair lice. A report also highlights that it should be used by people who have not been able to get much success with other medications for getting rid of lice.

Other studies, however, conclude that mayonnaise does not kill head lice. Instead, it makes it easy for a person to comb the lice post the treatment. A study that compared the efficacy of six natural ingredients for treating head lice came to the conclusion that petroleum jelly is the best solution for head lice.

This study found out that petroleum jelly allows only 6% of the incubating lice eggs from hatching in the post-treatment time. Another study reveals that mayonnaise does not kill lice and these might survive to live after rinsing the paste from your hair.

Moreover, a report reveals that a 1-year-old child died after the parents slathered mayonnaise on her hair and put on a plastic shopping bag. The child was left unattended and the bag slid to suffocate her. This can, however, be considered a fault of the parents for not keeping an eye on their toddlers.

Conclusively, it can be said that there is no harm in trying mayonnaise for head lice. You only need to be careful with its application and see for yourself if the remedy works for you or not.