It’s not just Snow White’s evil stepmother who loves mirrors and inquires about her looks. In today’s time, we all need mirrors to check out our looks and makeup. So when Snow White was not bothered by using a mirror, she was possibly a fool who didn’t want to accentuate her beautiful looks with some makeup. On the flip side, however, our life is about to get all more convenient with the launch of Impressions Vanity Ringlight Hand Mirror.

The perfect colored hand mirror paired with a charging stand and the round frame of lights makes this mirror the perfect mirror to possess. We bet even the Evil Queen not only from Snow White but all the Disney Tales would end up getting envious of you. Top the convenience offered by this mirror with the rose gold color and it’s the best hand mirror that your collection has ever had so far.

The Impressions Vanity Ringlight Hand Mirror comes with some other amazing features. Since it boasts a charging stand and rechargeable battery, the mirror can be easily used to guide your makeup. You would not have to glue to the walled mirror for the sake of perfecting your lipstick. Additionally, this a magnetic 5x closeup mirror, which makes it all the more useful and a must. After all, you would never really want any flaw in your makeup to show up in a group selfie, now would you?

The design is also picture perfect which adds a glamorous touch to the Impressions Vanity Ringlight Hand Mirror. It is basically a jewels design so that the round circle of lights does not look too obvious. You can easily handle the lights at your will with the soft touch sensor dimmer switch.

Moreover, the rose gold mirror comes in a black fabric bag that adds to the portability of the product. The Impressions Vanity Ringlight Hand Mirror is already in stores but hasn’t been seen online yet. But that shouldn’t be keeping you from getting your hand on this wonder.