Shampoo a bit too many times and hair fall ensues. Don’t shampoo all that often and the results are the same. This brings the question of ‘how often show you wash your hair?’ to the fore. When asked, most people would tell you that they wash their hair almost daily. While you would think that shampooing your hair daily is probably a good idea as it makes you look fresher, this may not be true. Washing your hair too many times can leave your hair dry and brittle.

Then there are those people who argue that shampoo contains chemicals which can deprive your scalp of its natural oils and hence, they give their hair a foamy wash only once or twice a fortnight. While they’re right that over-shampooing can strip your hair of its natural oils, their strategy of washing it less is not right either.

So, should you wash your hair more or less?

When it comes to shampooing your hair, you must stick to washing it just enough which is 3 times a week. You can wash your hair after every two days to keep it fresh looking as well as nourished. Going around with a head full of grease from not shampooing your hair enough is not only going to be annoying for you but also the people around you as your scalp may start giving off a stinking smell.

However, how many times you need to wash your hair in a week also depends on your hair type. Some people find that their hair looks fresh after three to four days of not washing in which case delaying your shampoo sessions isn’t a bad idea. Whereas some people find that their hair gets too messy if they don’t wash it every single day.

Should you stick to the rules?

Keeping in view one’s hair-demands, the number of days one can go with unwashed hair may vary. What’s more, in some areas of the world, the heat is so severe that one needs to wash his hair more regularly than thrice a week. Moreover, athletes, gymnasts, and sports people may have to wash their hair more often because of all the sweat that accumulates on their head.

Also, keep in mind that you should always go for a shampoo that suits your hair rather than one that is for another hair type. You may consult your dermatologist or another specialist in the area to figure out which shampoo you should pick. Sometimes, a shampoo that works well for your hair in winters doesn’t do so in summers. In this case, you may switch to another shampoo in the colder months. Don’t forget to use oils and conditioners regularly and properly as well.

Key takeaway

When it comes to how many times you should wash your hair, know that 3 times in a week should suffice. However, under certain circumstances, you may need to wash your hair more often. See what fits best with your hair routine. Last but not the least, use the right shampoo for best results.