Who doesn’t love clear skin? But as time passes we soon start losing the clear glow we once had, and issues like acne, wrinkles, moles and brown spots start covering our facial features. Talking about brown spots, those little musketeers are not as desirable as they think they are. For those who have these spots, looking at the mirror equals a horror story. Because even though these spots are not cancerous and are typically harmless, they do make one look unattractive.

Most people have brown spots on their skin often due to sun exposure. They are caused by the formation of extra pigmented cells called melanin and their accumulation results in the formation of these brown spots. So, unless you are a makeup guru who can cover all the imperfections with concealer and high coverage makeup, here are some of home remedies which can help save the day:


Easily available at home and quite cheap along with being a great bleaching agent, lemon consists of citric acid which helps in whitening the skin. Therefore, it can be used on these brown spots for lightening them.

Make sure that you take natural lemon juice by squeezing a lemon and dabbing it on the marks. Don’t use bottled lemon juice as it may have other chemicals which can harm your skin. The citric acid in bottled lemon juice might also have lost its value by staying there for too long. Let the lemon juice stay on your skin for either half an hour or overnight.

Pro tip: don’t step out in the sun with the lemon on your skin. The skin is extra sensitive to the sun with a layer of lemon juice on. Also, lemon can also be mixed in various other products for a face mask. Honey and lemon mask is quite commonly used for clear and glowing skin.


When talking about juices, onion juice helps against these spots which are ruining your looks. For those who have sensitive skin, lemon juice can cause irritation. So, for them, onion juice is quite a good alternative. Even though it doesn’t smell as good as the lemon option. As onion has sulfur compounds it works well for the purpose of exfoliation.

You can easily extract onion juice by blending an onion with a little amount of water and then filtering the mix to get onion juice. Mix one tablespoon of this juice with two tablespoons of honey and apply the mixture on your skin. You may also just dab onion slices on the patches of your skin that have brown spots. You can follow either of these two remedies, once or twice a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another easily available product is apple cider vinegar. You can find it at your nearest grocery store. It contains vitamins and other very important nutrients which greatly aid the skin by healing and nourishing it. It also contains elements which act as skin whitening agents that work against brown spots by lightening them and giving a natural glow to your skin.

Apple cider vinegar is acidic, so you’ll have to blend it with olive oil. Apply this mixture and let it rest on your skin for 20 minutes. It is normal for this vinegar to sting a bit and cause slight redness. However, if it is too irritating for your skin, dilute it with water.

Milk/ Milk Based Products

Lactic acid in milk makes it one of the best exfoliation products naturally available. And therefore, most milk products like yogurt or buttermilk work in the favor of your skin. One of the very oldest home remedies includes milk and lemon juice for skin whitening and gives great results. Milk is also mixed with saffron for getting glowing skin and can also be rubbed on lips for maintaining pink lips.

For reducing brown spots, you can dab buttermilk and apply it on your skin for a maximum of twenty minutes. If you have oily skin or ace-prone skin, you can add lime juice or tomato juice in the buttermilk before applying it.

Castor Oil

Castor oil has made a name for itself owing to its healing abilities. It has a superpower when it comes to banishing age spots. Using it is not that difficult either. You can just take a small amount of the oil and apply it on the area of your skin that has dark spots.

Don’t forget to massage it there for a minute or two so that it gets properly absorbed. You can repeat the process everyday twice. Hopefully, you’ll be able to notice a positive change within a month’s time. Note that if you have dry skin, add olive or coconut oil to the castor oil for moisture otherwise you might experience further dryness.


You can also use a potato for making the brown spots vanish. Potatoes have bleaching properties that make them ideal for this use. They also work wonders when it comes to erasing or lightening the appearance of blemishes and freckles. Here’s a blend that can be of help in removing brown spots; the remedy involves potatoes, lemon juice and natural honey.

Start with washing a potato, grating it, and extracting its juice by wrapping its shredded pieces in a linen cloth and squeezing. You may also use a juicer. Add lemon juice and honey to the extracted potato juice. Mix the three and apply the blend on your skin. Let it stay there for 20 minutes before you go and wash it off.


A great fruit and an even a greater source of skincare, papayas have alpha hydroxy which helps as a skin whitening agent. Hence, this fruit is used for lightening brown spots which appear on the face. A papaya gives a soothing effect while bringing out a natural glow. There are various creams, face washes and scrubs available which contain papaya as an ingredient.

The next time you cut a bowl of papayas for yourself, rub a slice on your face as well. You can also mash the papaya’s fleshy part into a pulp and apply it then. However, in case you are sensitive to papayas, you can do a patch test before going ahead and rubbing the fruit on your skin.


Sandalwood holds anti-aging properties that can help reduce the brown spots that have marked their places on your face owing to aging. You can massage a drop of sandalwood oil onto your skin directly for reducing the appearance of these marks. You can also mix a wee bit of sandalwood powder, say a pinch, in a blend of lemon juice, rose water and glycerin.

Apply the mix on the spots and let it dry for 20 minutes before washing your face with cold water. However, do not expect to notice results magically within only a couple of days of following these remedies. It takes weeks before a substantial difference can be noticed.


Tomatoes can be also be of help in reducing the appearance of brown spots regardless of the way you pronounce the word. They have a high lycopene content and also boast bleaching properties. You can make the most of this antioxidant rich fruit by rubbing a slice of it against your age spots.

If that doesn’t sound too appealing to you, switch the trick of sliding a tomato slice directly on your skin to applying tomato juice on it. Add organic honey to the juice for more effectiveness if you want. Let the juice rest on your skin for 20 mins before washing it off with cold water. Do this remedy once or twice a day until results are visible.

Aloe Vera

Last but not at all the least is aloe vera which is widely used for various beauty purposes. It has a wider range of benefits focusing on skin, hair and even joints. Aloe vera with its cooling effect, soothes the skin. It can help in reducing imperfections like acne marks and brown spots. Get an aloe vera plant and use its gel by applying it to the skin. You can also use aloe vera juice bought straight from the market.

These are a few of the homeremedies which can be used for combating brown spots. Since these home remedies are entirely natural, you don’t have to worry about adverse side effects. No chemical usage is involved and hence, the remedies are safe along with being easy. You can easily source these items as well and aren’t even required to pay a huge bill for them unlike in the case of branded creams and products. However, be patient as results might take time to finally show as is often the case with natural remedies.