The last picture of Tom Cruise and his daughter, Suri, surfaced 5 years back. Reportedly, the Mission Impossible actor and his 12-year-old girl have not met for a long time now. Why? Because Cruise chooses to not meet his only child with ex-wife Katie Holmes.

According to US Weekly, Tom Cruise can see his daughter for 10 days in a month. But Tom doesn’t make the most of this option, neither has he been in contact with Suri Cruise. One would think that that’s because of the bitter feelings that Suri’s parents have for each other. Or because Tom is just busy juggling his schedule and traveling here and there. But nope.

These are not the reasons behind why Tom chooses to stay away from Suri. A source says that Tom “chooses not to because she is not a Scientologist.” Here ‘she’ could also be referring to Katie rather than Suri. Katie Holmes, who was married to Tom Cruise for 6 years, tried Scientology practices for her then husband who has been a dedicated member.

However, when Suri was about to turn 7, Katie filed for a divorce because she knew that their daughter was coming close to the age when the Church could control the ways of her life. US Weekly also cites a source that tells, “Katie and Nicole have spoken about raising their daughters to be independent and giving them a solid education, which is the opposite of Scientology teachings.”

Said source further adds, “Just living their lives is their way of moving on from the Church of Scientology.” Nicole Kidman, who was married to the 56-year-old actor from 1990 to 2001, shares two adopted children with him.

Isabella and Connor, their children, were raised as dedicated scientologists. Their contact was also cut off with the Lion actress until she later reconnected with them. Neither of the actors has opened up about this matter themselves yet.