Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin could write a photo essay of their love story with all the paparazzi pictures of theirs that have been circulating on the internet. Fans practically know what Bieber is up to every single day. They also know that recently he was spotting crying his heart out to Hailey Baldwin, who consoled him through his tears.

We don’t exactly know the reason behind his tears though we wouldn’t be surprised if the New York heat was to blame. However, a new report by Hollywood Life reveals why Bieber opened up in front of Hailey Baldwin. According to the outlet, a source has said, “Justin used to rely on a lot of people to help him cope but now the only person he really trusts and confides in is Hailey, it’s the two of them against the world.”

The insider went on to say how the Canadian cherub didn’t even trust his longtime on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez as much. “He wasn’t even this close with Selena.” Looks like Justin Bieber has finally found someone who he thinks is worth it all – both his good side and the darkness within him too! Though he his dating period with the Wolves singer extended for almost 8 long years, he never got teary-eyed in front of her.

He must truly love Hailey Baldwin to cry in front of her. It’s no secret that their romance has budded from their longtime friendship which only shows how friends make better lovers. “They are being very private about what they are dealing with, not opening up to many. But Justin is happy that he has Hailey and she is happy that he is there too so they both have a shoulder to cry on,” the source further added.

The Let Me Love You singer is not one to spill tears like that. No one but Hailey knows what brought out this side of his or what “difficult times” he is going through. We can only hope that the problems he is going through go out the door soon. If you are worried about Bieber, know that he was captured grinning by cameras after this incident getting a haircut with his fiancé by his side.