Hailey Baldwin, who changed her name to Hailey Bieber after marriage, has disabled comments on her Instagram.

If you go check out her page on the gram, you will find that only a handful of comments are shown. Why has the supermodel disabled comments?

This is probably because people have been very hateful toward her. Immediately after her marriage to the Baby singer, she has been the target of Selena Gomez’s fans. Some have outright insulted Hailey’s looks by saying her features are masculine.

Others have devalued her relationship with Justin Bieber by saying that she doesn’t deserve him and that the Wolves singer suits him better.

Some folks have gone so far as to say that her and Bieber’s marriage won’t last. From the paparazzi to regular people, so many have been following around the couple for months. News of their whereabouts and expressions have been dissected to see if or not they are struggling in their relationship.

The 22-year-old has also been hated on by fans of Shawn Mendes. Basically, Mendes and Hailey were linked together just months before she decided to tie the knot with Justin Bieber. This led many to think that Hailey lost a gem by leaving him.

However, Shawn has clarified a long time ago that he and Hailey weren’t an item. There was something between them, but it was at such early stages that it didn’t even have a name. Probably online bullying is the reason Hailey Baldwin has limited the comments on her Instagram just to a few nice ones.

Social media can be a really bad place even if you have millions of followers. Though surrounded by comments, there’s too much negativity that someone who is popular has to deflect. Surely, Hailey Baldwin felt the wave of hate which led her to disable her comments.