Looks like Ariana Grande is letting the criticism get to her. The Sweetener singer posted a new tribute to her ex on Instagram over the weekend. However, she was quick to delete the picture.

In the photo, the late rapper’s hands could be seen playing the piano. From the speed at which Grande deleted the post it was obvious that she posted it in a state of overwhelming emotion but deleted it because of the severe backlash she had faced following the death of Mac Miller for talking about how much she misses him on social media.

However, Ariana’s fans caught the story that she had posted and reposted it for others to see. Mac and Ari dated for two years and broke up in May this year. However, they continued to support one another following their split. Then in September, Mac Miller passed away due to accidental drug overdose.

Reports said that Grande was in grief and trying to heal following the tragic incident. She also ended her relationship with Pete Davidson because she wanted to recover from all that she was going through. Since Miller’s death Grande has posted several tributes to him on Instagram.

While most people have only had good things to say, some actually came forward to express that Ariana Grande was being ingenuine and only using Mac’s death to gain sympathy. “She milkin this shit bruh,” said a twitter commenter.

Grande clapped back at the unnecessary and outright rude words being tossed her way and wrote, “some of the shit i read on here makes me sick to my stomach. it scares me the way some people think and i don’t like this world a lot of the time. if only we could be more compassionate and gentle with one another. that’d be sick.”

Most definitely, Ariana reminded herself of all the rude comments that she received last time and deleted her most recent Instagram post.