Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got engaged this Saturday. But where there is Bieber news, the name of his on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez always pops up. So, what’s up with the Wolves singer right now? Pictures are proof that Gomez simply doesn’t give a single damn.


Fan accounts of the former Disney star show that she is busy chilling on a yacht in New York City with pals. An insider’s words also align with the pictorial evidence. “Selena doesn’t care. She’s over Justin and the last time they broke up allowed her to get over him fully,” the source told US Weekly.

Previously the media outlet revealed that another insider had told it that Gomez believed Biebs was trying to make her upset by making his relationship with Baldwin this public. “Anytime he has done this in the past, Selena doesn’t even see stories about him in the media,” the source had said.

“Her team makes sure she is protected from it, so it’s a waste of time on Justin’s end if that’s his goal. No one in her circle speaks about him when they are on the outs and she keeps her circle and team very small,” further reported the insider.

The Friends singer proposed Hailey on Saturday and shocked fans! He doesn’t seem to be the sort of man who takes such quick steps in relationships. But according to what a source told People, this move on JB’s part is not exactly a shocker. “It’s kind of a surprise, but kind of not. Justin has been extremely happy these past few weeks,” an insider shared with People.

“He has known Hailey for a long time. This might seem sudden, but they know each other very well,” further added the insider. The news of Bieber’s engagement with Baldwin is not a mere rumor. The model was seen flaunting a huge diamond ring on Sunday.