A long day at work calls for a few shots of booze. In fact, anything that brings stress in your life can be cured with the help of this magic drink. But it’s no secret that alcohol is not as innocuous as it seems. Booze has several harmful impacts on health – it can lower immunity, cause liver disfunction, cancer, heart diseases, and more.  Alas, it is too addictive to be able to live without.

Alcohol and your skin

Did you know alcohol can ruin your skin, making you appear older than you are? There is one rule you can follow – consume alcoholic beverages in moderation. Don’t they keep repeating how moderation should be followed in every aspect of life? However, with party over party around the corner and stress littered on the road of living, that becomes impossible.

You keep pressing the snooze button on booze rather than going ahead and dumping it. In doing so, you don’t only damage your internal system but your outward appearance as well. Legally, you are allowed to drink hard liquor after you cross a certain age limit, but what are your tippling sessions doing to your skin? If it was up to your skin, it would probably put a ban on alcohol consumption. Even on red wine.

You see, despite containing antioxidants, an excess of it can also result in a more detrimental impact on the largest organ on your body than the wine’s ability to support aging. Why, though? Why does alcohol treat your skin like that? The answer is simple. The high content of sugar in alcohol and its ability to leave you dehydrated are among the main factors that contribute to skin damage.

Talking about the adverse effects of alcohol consumption, Dr. Tess Mauricio said, “Your skin will lose its natural plumpness and healthy glow.” Wondering what exactly alcohol does to your skin? Read on to know more.

The harmful impacts of drinking alcohol on your skin

It dehydrates skin

Anyone who has gotten high and then hit a low after binge-drinking is aware that excess alcohol does not only wake you up to regret but also to a massive headache and a severely dry mouth. That’s because alcohol has the ability to dehydrate you. Not only that but it also makes you pee more, so it also decreases water that way. The result? Your skin becomes dull and dry. Excess booze also makes you age faster by birthing fine lines and wrinkles.

It increases pore size

The evil impacts of tippling on your liver are well known. Alcohol can damage the liver to the level that it can also lead to death. Among the minor effects of alcohol consumption on the liver is that the organ loses its ability to detoxify. When that happens, toxins are accumulated rather than being eliminated. This, of course, shows as well in the form of pasty-looking skin and larger pores. While enlarged pores are not a health concern, they make you appear less pretty.

It causes puffiness and bloating

Booze causes inflammation which shows on the face in many forms one of which is puffiness. Some alcoholic drinks contain salt. Salt triggers bloating. While the bloated look doesn’t last, it does make you look awful the next day. Moreover, whether or not you are a serial-drinker, you must be aware that drinking makes your eyes look puffy as well. Alcohol dehydrates but makes the body hold water weight as well making you appear bloated overall.

It makes skin age faster 

We’ve mentioned this before as well. Excessive drinking can make the clock run against your skin. It can make your skin age at a much more rapid rate. This is because alcohol causes inflammation. It also causes free radical damage. This eventually causes wear and tear to the connective tissues and makes skin sag. Liquor also eats up vitamins and keeps oxygen and nutrients from being taken to cells. It reduces vitamin A and hence, disrupts the cell regeneration as well.

It births blemishes and acne

Alcohol also makes blemishes arrive. It causes puffiness and pressurizes the pores, narrowing the pore lining. This causes the pores to get clogged with oil and dead cells. The result? Blemishes. Bacteria in the pores also furthers blemishes. The high content of sugar in alcohol can cause breakouts too. This happens due to the crystallization of skin cells owing to the sugar in alcohol. Inflammation due to booze intake can also irritate the skin and cause painful pimples.

It can cause rosacea

Heavy drinking sessions can also have a permanent adverse impact on your skin. Here’s what happens; alcohol opens up your blood vessels and in doing so, increases your tendency to blush. Over dilating of blood vessels can cause spider veins to burst. Rosacea makes the skin look permanently red and can also make the capillaries beneath the skin’s surface visible. If rosacea gets severe, it can also lead to the formation of painful lesions on the skin.

It comes with dark circles

Dark circles also accompany the excess intake of booze. As drinking alcohol disrupts the REM sleep cycle, it causes puffiness of the eyes, undereye bags, and dark shadows around the eyes. As small blood vessels that are in the eyes are enlarged as well, the visual organs also appear bloodshot. Therefore, if you think that you can go for an alcohol spree and no one would know? Think again; we bet your eyes will tell all the tales.

How to make your skin recover?

Now, if the above list of impacts of alcohol on your skin have scared you enough, it’s time to go into recovery mode. Because, yes, it is possible for most to reverse the damage. Thank the cells’ ability to regenerate for that. This reverse process doesn’t happen when you start taking some medication – it simply happens when you cut down alcohol from your life.

After an hour of drinking alcohol, your body’s starts flushing out all the toxic substances. You would think that if an hour does so much good, what skin benefits result from 24 hours of refraining from drinking. No much. You see, your skin will still be dehydrated after a day even though you will notice an improvement in some symptoms.

After a week, your skin will start looking way better; it will regain its glow and plumpness. Moreover, hydration will also be restored. However, it is recommended to keep cleansers, moisturizers and spot treatments handy as pores will begin to push out toxins on to the skin’s surface. This can result in breakouts or other skin troubles.

Fast forward a month, and your skin will have substantially recovered. After a whole year of staying sober, your healthy facial appearance will make a comeback. This is why it is better to keep alcohol at bay. You sacrifice your beauty (and health) with each gulp you take.

Can alcohol cause skin cancer?

A study published by Harvard last year, suggests that alcohol consumption might be associated with skin cancer. That is because one of the byproducts of alcohol metabolization can alter the DNA. This DNA damage can be a cause behind skin cancer. However, there are limitations to this study. The study also reminds the recommended alcohol dosage as given by the American Cancer Society. It is two drinks each day for men whereas one for women.

How to take alcohol?

Let’s admit it, there is no such thing as leading a booze-free life for most us. The trick to staying healthy is to follow certain rules when it comes to guzzling booze down. Experts say that the clearer the drink, the better. This means that vodka and gin do not impact your skin as negatively as other drinks might. However, the whole point is to drink moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Don’t drink every other day. Know that different alcohol drinks have different impacts on the skin. However, there is no booze that is beneficial for health. Mocktails, cocktails and other mixed up drinks should be refrained from. Even though moderate amounts of red wine can’t be as bad, don’t overdo on drinking that wine either.

Contrary to popular belief, even too much of red wine can ruin your health as the sugar content outweighs its feature of being an antioxidant provider. Don’t forget that drinking on an empty stomach is even worse. A better idea? Drink with some snacks. When you drink on an empty stomach, you tend to drink way more. Also, stay hydrated. This one is a no-brainer.


No matter how delicious alcohol tastes and how amazing it makes you feel, it can make you lack in the looks and health department. This is why it is necessary to consume booze in moderation. Being mindful of one’s health and wellness is only beneficial. If you want the beautiful skin that you once had back, quit alcohol. It’s not doing you as much good as it is doing you harm.