You know what’s fun? Travelling! Unless you get mugged as take your first few steps in a foreign land, nothing beats holidays spent with your loved ones far away from home. But you really can’t have any fun when your style game is sucking, now can you?

If you’re planning on spending this season away from the burden of gifting (te he) and celebrating Christmas and then New Year’s Eve at a luxury hotel in Juan-les-Pins or strolling through the streets of Bruges, you’ll definitely need a luggage bag to accompany you.

And if you’re in the mood of luxe and sassy vibes, then we’ve got a list of the latest travel suitcases for you to choose from.

Pop & Suki x Away’s Pastel Pink Suitcases

Pop & Suki and Away had collaborated earlier this year to present the world with millennial travel suitcases that soon became a fav of everyone. The collection’s pastel pink suitcases flew off shelves like crazy but luckily, recently got restocked.

With a scratch-resistant shell and wheels that can spin 360-degrees, these travel bags are lovely-looking along with being practical. The travel bags come in four sizes and also feature a built-in USB charger.

Raden’s A50 Set

If you’ve been a victim of a situation where you’re forced to lighten up your suitcase’s tummy then you must be knowing how horrifyingly embarrassing it is. No one wants that to happen to them. For those who value their respect and would like to never be part of such a scene, Raden has introduced its A50 Set including a carry-on and a full-sized suitcase

This suitcase is compact and has an ergonomic handle that can play the role of a scale as well. Made to be flexible and strong, this suitcase can manage rough handling like a boss. And there’s more; these packs are a beauty to behold in their lustrous pastel shades. A win-win!

Fendi x RIMOWA’s Aluminum Suitcase

This one just landed on 27th of November and is exactly the design that daydreams of traveling across Europe talk about. Aluminum body with Fendi’s signature F logo sprinkled onto it, a yellow belt walking across the middle with a metallic silver buckle.

We call this perfection. Just imagine yourself making your way to the airport, exuding chic and sassy vibes. The suitcase has a multi-wheel system and blends functionality with style.

Louis Vuitton’s Horizon Rolling luggage

It is impossible for a travel bags’ list to be complete without Louis Vuitton. The brand’s Horizon collection of luxury bags has been designed by Marc Newson. It comes in check-in and cabin sizes so that you get a chance to choose whichever you find suitable for your travels. Optimized compartment allows you to fit in your belongings in an organized manner.

The suitcases feature the LV print and also come in a flat back shell in four hues. Don’t expect these high-end branded bags to be light on your wallet though.

CALPAK’s Ambeur line

Rose gold is the new black. This year, everything has worn this color. You can get a classy suitcase in it as well. Welcome CALPAK’s Ambeur rose gold suitcases. With a lined and spacious interior that is divided making the travel bag a beauty on the inside as well.

The suitcases feature eight spinner wheels that are multi-directional and come in three sizes. Versatile and glam along with being functional, these packs are travel-friendly and perfect for adventuring with.