Halloween is just around the corner and we all know what that means. Tricks, treats and wow costumes along with bitter aftereffects in the form of bloating, stomach aches, and more. As kids, we rush from one street to another hoping to fetch as many candies and chocolates as we can. But adulthood means staying at home and keeping yourself to just eyeing the sweet treats sitting on the table.

Life is not so carefree anymore so as to allow yourself to overstuff your system with too much sugar. You don’t want to put on weight or put your health on risk. This is why you must make sure that you don’t binge-eat candy like there’s no tomorrow.

What does bingeing on too much candy on Halloween do to your body?

As lovers of all things sweet, most of us understand the struggles of staying away from Snickers and Galaxy bars. You know you’re lying to yourself when you say that you’ll not be sneaking more than a single bar to yourself. As much as you enjoy the sweet bites, the overdose of candies spooks out your insides on Halloween.

What does it do, though? Simple, the human body doesn’t know how to process to much sugar and hence, stores it as fats. So, weight gain is almost guaranteed. Along with that, overindulging in candies can also attract heart-related problems. It can lead to high blood sugar levels which eventually translate to diabetes.

The troubles of these seemingly innocuous treats don’t just end here. They can also negatively impact your brain health and introduce brain fog. Next up, is their ability to indirectly cause bone decay and cavities. Overeating candies can also increase your sugar cravings which is not cool because that’s a surefire strategy to put on more pounds.

How to protect yourself from the tempting sweet treats?

Okay, so here’s the real question – how to save yourself from being hypnotized by all the candies in your house? How to make sure you don’t eat too many? Let’s solve this for you. Here’s how.

Make your stomach say no:

How to make your stomach do the talking, you ask? It’s simple. Fill that greedy organ up with a healthy meal. It’s going to protest when you try and reach out for extra candies. Also, make your kids eat a nourishing meal before you let them out for trick-or-treating. They’ll be full enough before the fun begins and won’t be as attracted to the sweets. Hah! Cunning, right?

Get those legs to do what they’re meant to:

Stop relying on your car so much. Go walk outside. Get moving! This way, you’ll be better able to digest stuff and would also get yourself exercising the simple way. So, no more driving from one neighborhood to the next; walk all the way. Make sure that the shoes you wear are comfortable and you have a water bottle in your bag.

Buy candies that you don’t like:

You know what sucks? You don’t only have to try and avoid candy when your kids bring it home, but you also have to keep yourself at bay from the candy that you are supposed to distribute. Here’s an idea to prevent yourself from eating all the candy that you have got for the kids – purchase sweet treats that you don’t like. So, if you’re not particularly fond of fruity candies, stack up on those.

Keep your mouth busy:

A great way to avoid bingeing on candy? Keep that mouth of yours busy. You can do that by sipping on a healthy beverage. Not only would you be able to ensure your mouth is busy, but you will also feel too full to overindulge in your craze for candies. Don’t ditch candy only to guzzle down glass on glass of booze or soda.

Keep the candy in the freezer:

Slightly melted chocolate bars are so much more appealing than those which are frozen like someone’s got them from Antarctica. Which is why it is better to put all the candy in the freezer. Also, eating a frozen bar of candy takes way longer than munching on one that has been kept in room temperature. The longer a bar takes to finish, the less likely you are to fetch another.

Give away excess candy:

At the end of a long day of trick-or-treating, children in your house are sure to return with massive bags of candies. The more you all have in store, the more you will want to eat. A better idea? Give the excess candy away to the less fortunate. This way, everyone wins. You also get do something good for someone.

Treat kids with toys instead:

Everyone gives candies. Everyone spreads sweetness along with the possibilities of tummy aches and cavities. Do things differently. Instead of distributing candies, give toys. Not only would children feel happier when they see a toy among their huge collections of candies, they’re also going to remember your gesture.

Stay hydrated all day long:

We love how water makes us feel fuller and wants us to eat less! We’re kidding, that’s not the goal here. Not the only goal, at least. Drinking a good amount of water is good for your oral health. It can keep a tooth decay condition away. However, don’t sip water directly after treating yourself with a chocolate or candy. That can give you a sore throat.


When we say spend Halloween the healthy way and keep away from overstuffing yourself with sweet treats, we don’t mean for you to abandon your candy stash completely. You and your kids should enjoy the occasion and eat the sugary treats in moderation.

To keep yourself from exceeding the set limits, make sure you follow the above mentioned tips. With the help of these simple measures, you will be able to control yourself and protect your health. After all, no one enjoys a tummy ache or a nasty cavity.