Younger sister is soon to be titled the youngest billionaire in the history of America, while Kim Kardashian brings in half a million by just sharing a single Instagram post on behalf of a brand. Influencer marketing has reached a whole new level with this social media platform.

According to STAT, the reality TV show star, made $500,000 by just promoting Diclegis on Instagram. These morning sickness pills that are for pregnant women were given a shout out on Kim K’s account in 2015 for which she charged a huge amount of cash!

Regardless of the money that went out of the company’s pocket into the businesswoman’s wallet, Duchesnay, the company behind the product, was sent a notice by the US Food and Drug Administration. Why? Because the caption failed to mention the negative side effects of use on the health of consumers.

This caption was probably given to Kim by the company itself. Later, Kim corrected the caption, with all the adverse side effects mentioned, and ran the ad again. She still promotes this product on her Instagram. This is not the only time that Kim has received backlash. Earlier this year the KKW entrepreneur promoted appetite suppressant lollipops for which fans bashed her.

People were of the view that the celeb was using her influence to promote unhealthy habits for the sake of green bills. If you are still in shock over how much Kim K charges for a single post on her account, know that Kylie Jenner’s fees is even bigger.

The 20-year-old mum charges a hefty sum of $1 million for a single post on her Instagram account. Kylie is also no stranger to receiving backlash for the products she promotes. Only recently, post-pregnancy, the Kylie Cosmetics founder had people slamming her for promoting the use of waist belts for reducing pregnancy weight.