The irritation in the throat or the painful sensation is a sign that you are suffering from a sore throat. It may be because you are under the influence of seasonal virus or are a victim of an allergy. Essentially, a sore throat is a very common health condition that people of all ages go through. Luckily, there are various home remedies for curing it.

From ginger and honey to hydrogen peroxide, there are multiple ways by which you can treat your sore throat. When it comes to hydrogen peroxide though, this substance not only gives you multiple health benefits but also assists in the cleaning purposes. Here’s more on using hydrogen peroxide gargling for a sore throat.

Gargling with Hydrogen Peroxide

For a sore throat, many people swear by gargling with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an antibacterial. It is even used in treating and cleaning wounds. And is being used for gargling as well. It clears the bacterial infection around the throat and helps recover from an irritated throat.

It removes the affected mucus from the mouth, which kills all the of chances of an infection’s presence. For gargling, hydrogen peroxide with 3% concentration is used.

Procedure for gargling

  •    1 Cup Warm Water
  •    1 Tbsp of 3% Concentrated Hydrogen Peroxide

Add hydrogen peroxide into the warm water and then gargle. Make sure that the concentration is not more than 3% as that can be very strong. It doesn’t taste so good but it does give good results.

After you are done gargling, ensure that you clean your mouth with normal water multiple times as hydrogen peroxide is strong and more than 3% can cause blisters around the throat. Rinsing with normal water will wash away the toxicity of hydrogen peroxide.

Risks of gargling with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide does have toxicity in it. However, if undiluted hydrogen peroxide is gulped, it can cause serious damage to the organs. As this substance is used as a bleaching agent, it has the tendency of burning the organs and can cause internal bleeding as well.

Therefore, it is important to use it in its diluted form to curb its strong concentration before using it. On the other hand, if the diluted hydrogen peroxide is accidentally gulped, it can cause pain in the stomach and culminate in nausea. You must try to vomit it. The vomit might seem foamy but it is nothing to be worried about.

Moreover, gargling with hydrogen peroxide may cause slight irritation in the mouth. And after rinsing, you might observe redness or itching in the mouth that will end after few hours but if the redness isn’t reduced, it is important to consult a doctor at your earliest to avoid any sort of trouble.

Other benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

Apart from treating sore throat, there are many other oral benefits for which this chemical is widely used. These include:

  1.    Healthier Gums:

Hydrogen Peroxides works magically when it comes to sores in the mouth. The cleaning tendency of the agent removes germs and reduce the chances of swelling in your gums.

  1.    Whiter Teeth:

As mentioned above, this chemical not only kills germs but is also a cleaning agent. This means that apart from treating a sore throat and giving good oral health, it helps in brightening the teeth.

  1.    Cures Toothache and Infections in teeth:

A toothache and infections related to teeth are also found to be cured by gargling with the chemical daily. As it has antiseptic characteristics, it helps in clearing out any sort of bacteria and infections of teeth.

Overall, hydrogen peroxide is good for oral health even though it is a strong chemical. Concerning this, it can cause great harm. Hence, it is best to use it in its diluted form for reaping benefits for your oral health and treating a sore throat.