A highlighter duo is never a makeup item to turn down particularly when it comes in two amazing shades. The Heart Defensor Highlighter Duo by e.l.f. Cosmetics was a killer kit that broke a number hearts when it ran out of stock.

But what if the dream highlighter returns? You’d probably rejoice and it would definitely mend many hearts and make the dull days of those poor souls. So gear up ladies because there is no more reason to shed another tear on lost opportunities, as the highlighter palette is being restocked.

The $8 highlighter is mind-blowing and will amplify your look with the perfect final touches. The price tag is also pretty reasonable. The Heart Defensor Highlighter Duo is a cake of two hues. One of these shades is rose gold that will add a pretty subtle glow to your overall look. And the other is a champagne highlighter for a sun-kissed glow of bronze.

Heart Defensor Highlighter Duo


The Heart Defensor Highlighter Duo will be restocked on the 6th of December, which is only a heartbeat away. Heart Defensor describes this highlighter palette as “My amazing subscribers were my inspiration for this highlighter duo! I chose colors that blend with any skin tone, and can be worn in the day or at night. These shades also look amazing mixed together – they’re a perfect match!”

As is the drill, e.l.f. Cosmetics Heart Defensor Highlighter Duo can be used on any feature that you want to radiate with a pretty glow. As a plus, you should also be knowing that the products from e.l.f Cosmetics are cruelty-free and vegan.

Now that this highlighter palette of rose gold and champagne are restocked, don’t miss the chance to get your hands on it and optimize your looks with the luminescent glow perfection that the duo has to offer.