Fans might be obsessed with the way Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are flashing public displays of affection, but one person most certainly is not. And this person is Gwyneth Paltrow. The American actress and socialite took to the @commentbycelebs comment section to express what she thinks about JB and HB’s very, very vocal affection for one another.

Here’s what happened; Justin Bieber left two comments on one of his model wife’s pictures. He wrote, “Ur just too much” and “U turn me on.” Both his comments got a massive amount of fan attention as the likes on them accumulated to over 5000.

Of course, Comments by Celebs also took notice and shared a screenshot with their following. That’s when Gwyneth sauntered by and dropped a “TMI” in the comments’ section. While we also enjoy all the pictures and news that we get of Hailey and Justin, we’ll have to admit these comments by Justin should have been reserved only for the 21-year-old model.

Their relationship has been well documented by paparazzi as it is. We’ve seen them smooching in public, sharing moments of smiles and also those of tears. Safe to say, these two lovebirds are all over the internet already. However, to each his own.

This is not the first comment that Justin has left on Hailey’s pictures. He had left a thirsty comment on her picture earlier this month saying, “Holy crap this is hot.”

But, but it’s not like Gwyneth herself has not given the audience an inside scoop of what happens in her marriage in Instagram’s comment section. Recently @crazybitchprobs_ had posted a meme that read, “When you were wrong mid-argument, so you whip out a titty to distract him.” Paltrow commented, “I literally slayed with this tactic this morning.”

Honestly? TMI.