The unique packaging of the products from lilah beauty has struck favorable tunes in our heart. In fact, the flat lake stones-like, minimalist packaging has made the brand our love at first sight. There’s a bit of changing to the packaging color now too, which is making things all the more exciting. Side by side, there is a new makeup item as well. And it is called Glisten & Glow by Lilah Beauty.

The teasing game began when lilah b starting to show us the new packaging without revealing anything else. The lake flat stones packaging was coated with a new color. It had a metallic bronze finish that is very different from the other standard color the brand uses for packaging its products. Have a look at the new colored packaging below.

Glisten & Glow by Lilah Beauty


But that’s not all, lilah b left us wondering what was in these new stone containers. Then, the brand unveiled the item as Glisten & Glow by Lilah Beauty. This is a multipurpose, all-skin illuminator that has us screaming viola!

The formula boasts a creamy/whipped texture that exhibits a powdery finish. The illuminator is packed with skincare ingredients that benefit your skin and improve its overall tone, texture, vitality, and brightness. The new makeup item also helps to reduce any inflammation/redness of your skin so you have an even tone finish to your look.

Furthermore, the Glisten & Glow by Lilah Beauty does not require you to wait for it. The illuminator is out now. It is available and you can fetch one for yourself at Sephora or Each piece is marked at a price of $60.

So here is to candlelit luminosity that will curb your skin’s inflammation. All thanks to the Glisten & Glow by Lilah Beauty. Not to forget the new bronze packaging is already won our hearts.