Gigi Hadid is undoubtedly one of the classiest supermodels with her pretty looks and stylish genes. There is no stopping this girl; she doesn’t need sleep to power her through weeks of hard work. She jumps from one modeling gig to another successful one like definitely no one can. This lady is always in the news for blessing the fashion world with trends that are worth following.

She just stepped off the ramp after showing her third collection in the fashion month with Tommy Hilfiger and this weekend tossed another news toward us. The gorgeous model popped up on her Instagram with a photo captioned, “A year in the making.. #GIGIxMAYBELLINE COMING SOON. @maybelline 🦋💄✨”

And hence started the excited and enthusiastic comments of fans stating “Yess!” “Baby” “I want” and lots of emojis that expressed uncontrollable joy. Neither the beauty brand not the supermodel has revealed any substantial piece of information about this collaboration. Following Gigi’s Instagram post were three posts by Maybelline that gave us subtle hints at what to expect.

The video posts included Gigi’s shots showcasing the makeup that this collection would include. One part had a baby pink background with GH written in a beautiful font in white, disclosing the signature that would read on this new line of makeup products. The posts had shades of pink backgrounds clueing that there’s going to be lots of millennial pink in this collection.

The videos offer us teasing sneak peaks of bright red lipstick, beige gloss, mauve eyeshadow, and coral blush. We can also pick out some colorful eyeliners and wow, this going to be lovely! In the photograph Gigi posted, she is surrounded by brushes, lipsticks, and lots of other makeup stuff. She’s sporting a furry outfit and shades.

With this Hadid has joined the celebrity squad that has its own beauty products. Victoria Beckham, Kendall Jenner, and Chrissy Teigen, being among those stars who have teamed up with big beauty brands for launching their very own collections. Where Kim K, Madonna, and Rihanna are leading the crowd having established their own makeup companies.

With a massive Instagram following, loads of creative talent, and millions of fans, it doesn’t come off as a surprise that Gigi decided to drive down this road. She has worked with another name as well in the recent past (Tommy Hilfiger) and that too has been lucky for the beauty queen who never fails to deliver the best of the best.

The model who doesn’t just rock on the runway but does casual off-duty look and street style like no one else can has people set their eyes on this latest collection. Gigi x Maybelline has fashionistas drooling once again. Gigi has been Maybelline’s face since 2015 so this was bound to happen.

About ten more days to go until the final reveal on October 21st. Not a very long wait now unless you are counting each second. If you are among those anxiously biting down on their nails for this makeup line, you can run to the Maybelline x Gigi countdown and sign up to receive a notification when the collection is up.

Even though a whole lot of details haven’t been divulged into, there’s this one thing everyone is certain about and that is that Gigi’s makeup line is going to be spellbinding goodness with how this diva doesn’t do anything short of impressive.