To someone who has never come across her work before:

Katja Meier is a renowned celeb in recipe blogging on Instagram.

She has got over 36.5K followers.

She is a Mother, Teacher, Gardner and a Cook.

Her mantra is plain and simple: ‘Eat Flowers not Friends’

What is the logic of this statement (that is her bio as well) and what compelled people from diverse backgrounds to become glued to her page is not a mystery. Take a mini-second length glance at her page and you will find out the secret.

Katja’s breakfasts are the most magical in the world. The food is so desirable that you actually want to wish upon a secret pathway to the world of Instagram and dip in your face in the most delicious and good looking breakfast you have ever seen.

The thing that adds to its beauty is the most perfect looking flower décor. Gardener at heart, she plants the most colorful flowers and combines them with the most delicious looking food delivering before the audience the finest looking breakfast ever.

She is an advocate for the promotion of healthy food and maintaining a balanced diet. Her passion drove her to become a plant nutrition expert specialized in plant-based nutrition. She continuously shares healthy food recipes with her followers to market the idea of staying healthy and close to nature in the world. In fact, the most interesting thing about her is that she makes it all looks so easy and her tone of delivering the message is nothing but gentle, always. We guess her choice of words happens to be as sweet and as the food she comes up with.

She is a blessing for vegetarians out there.

She is of the view that she became veggie long before the concept of being vegetarians became trend globally. Furthermore, she also shares nutrition tips with all the subscribers that further aids in not only grooming or well-being but also helps in eradication of food allergies and sickness.

We believe that is literally changing the way of looking at food and she has given food industry a total makeover. In the world of food colors and artificial dyes she is bringing us back to health.

All of her work is visible on her website:

So if you’re into healthy food (and edible flowers)…

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