Bellami Hair made a mistake. The company that once worked with Kylie Jenner brought the wrath of Jordyn Woods’ fans on itself by trying to defame the 21-year-old. The hair brand took to social media to share an insensitive meme with a pinch of cyberbullying directed toward Woods.

The meme showed the latest picture shared by Jordyn Woods on Instagram following the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal in which she can be seen with freshly cut short hair. “When Kylie Jenner stops paying for your lifestyle, including your hair extensions,” read the meme. Thinking of it as super-funny, Bellami Hair added the caption, “Bad hair is just one betrayal away.”


Seriously? How low can you get for the sake of marketing and staying relevant? People immediately called out the brand for sharing this meme. Several expressed their view that Bellami Hair only decided to post a woman of color’s picture now and that too, in such a negative way. One person wrote, “This is racial and dusty.”




Looking at the hordes of fans who defended Jordyn Woods, Bellami Hair quickly deleted the picture and issued an apology. “We would like to sincerely apologize to Jordyn Woods and our followers and for the social media post that was shared on our platform yesterday that may of offended anyone either directly or indirectly,” read the beginning of the lengthy apology. The company further continued, “We are deeply sorry to Jordyn and to anyone who was upset by the caption and post regardless of intentions.”

People didn’t stop criticizing the brand even after it said a big sorry. One person commented on their Instagram, “Stop acting like you care! If you did you wouldn’t have posted it and we know y’all are racist because you only post Caucasian women, stay in your lane!” Another typed, “Y’all are trash!!! Fake apologies always seem to follow after you’ve been snatched bald in the comment section.”

When initially it broke out last month that Kylie Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods had been spotted kissing Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy at a party, people couldn’t stop making fun of Woods, and slammed her aggressively online. Though she tried to stay silent on the matter, the massive bullying lead Woods to join Jada Smith on Red Table Talks where she clarified her part in the scandal.

Jordyn told Jada that she didn’t intentionally kiss Tristan. In fact, he was the one who had leaned down to give her a peck on the lips, an act that left her confused and got molded, for the sake of gossip, into something much worse and entirely false. She also said that because of how out of control the scandal got once it was exposed, her family had also suffered. After this, many sided up with Jordyn and started defending her. Was it really necessary for Bellami Hair to poke its nose in the whole ordeal?