Both physical activity and balanced gut microbiome hold their separate importance when it comes to health. However, they also share a link. This association between the two has been presented by authors from the Indiana University, Bloomington and the University of Alabama, Birmingham.

As per the paper written, exercise boosts cardiorespiratory fitness which in turn promotes diversity in gut bacteria.

What Does This New Study Reveal?

A paper which has been published in the Experimental Physiology journal explains the link between exercise and gut health. Researchers already knew that cardiorespiratory fitness encourages diversity in gut microbiome. However, it was not known what caused this effect; exercise or one’s body fat percentage.

To understand this, 37 participants were recruited who had all been treated for nonmetastatic breast cancer. These individuals were worked with because cancer treatment is known for having an adverse influence on metabolic health such as cardiorespiratory fitness.

Researchers tested the cardiorespiratory fitness of these participants while they performed graded exercises. Their total energy expenditure was also assessed. Fecal samples were collected as well to analyze the gut bacteria of the participants.

The research came to the conclusion that those participants who had better cardiorespiratory fitness had more diverse gut microbiome. It was also found out that this relationship was not impacted by a person’s percentage of body fat. Results said that physical exercise of such high intensity that cardiorespiratory health could be improved was linked with better gut health.

More research is needed to confirm these claims as this one was carried out on a particular group – females who had had breast cancer treatments.

The importance of gut health

The human body comprises of various colonies of bacteria and other microorganisms that should be in a positive balance. Loss of good bacteria or upheaval in the balance of the gut microbiome can open the doors to a number of diseases.

A balanced gut can improve overall health. This is because the gut is related to the digestive system, autoimmune system, central nervous system, etc. of the body. This means that when one’s gut health is out of order his immunity is weakened. His digestive health is also at risk and his mental health can also be negatively impacted.

The importance of regular exercise

Physical activity comes with a bunch of health benefits. It can increase the production of endorphins and improve one’s mood. Exercise has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Staying active supports weight loss too as it encourages energy expenditure and a speedy metabolism.

Exercising benefits one’s joints and muscles along with preventing osteoporosis. It can reduce one’s risk of several chronic illnesses. Physical activity also has beneficial impacts on mental and cardiovascular health. It can improve a person’s sleep quality as well as relax him.

Take Home Message

Exercise can improve one’s health on many levels. It can keep him from putting on excess weight, protect his heart, boost his brain, and save him from a number of diseases. It can also improve cardiorespiratory fitness which is associated with better gut health.