Are you one of those girls who doesn’t prepare beforehand and always has to rely on last-minute internet-taught tricks?  Or one of those who does all her homework and yet, has nothing done when the time comes? Because kismet. Do you always end up rushing at the eleventh hour? Worst of all, do you find yourself in such a situation every year on Halloween?

Whether this is your reasoning for depending on simple Halloween looks, or because you have another cause to resort to simple looks, you can always rely on Google. Dear, Google always has your back. Luckily, you don’t have to fumble with a lot of makeup minutes before heading out for a Halloween party, you can just use a few items to get ready. The black eyeliner is one of them; a magical makeup stick that can help you transform into something else entirely.

Here are seven simple looks for Halloween that require little more than a black eyeliner. (of course, a pair of artful hands is a must though)

Masquerade glam

You might not have the time to rush and get yourself some Wonder Women jewelry, but you must always tuck away some masquerade designs on Pinterest. In case of emergencies, you can just use a black eye pencil to draw on an elegant yet evil-ish eye mask. Glide a bright red lipstick across your lips and ta-da! You are all ready for party.

Cat face

Common but cool nonetheless. The cat face is easy to pull off. All you got to do, is rock that winged eyeliner. Sketch some whiskers and a painted black nose. Add green lenses to the mix and dial the notch up on sassiness.

Spider eyes

This Halloween makeup is simple, subtle, classy yet not mainstream. For the spidery eyes, you can choose from two options; either just draw a web on your eyelids or take the style game a bit further and stretch the lines to cover your forehead as well. You can add a hair fascinator to the look for making it more fun.

Leopard girl

Hello, lazy girls. This is your ultra-cool yet easy-peasy Halloween look. Paint on a leopard print on half of your face with a black eyeliner in C’s. Wear a leopard ears’ headband and voila! You’re all set to steal the show.

Skull face

Okay, this is a supremely traditional idea but there is a reason why this one has always been Halloween’s topper; it’s just plain awesome. All you need to do is smudge that black liner on the right places. Those being the hollows of your cheekbones, your nose, all around your eyes, and sketched in stitches going vertical on your nude-painted lips. Laid-back and effortless.

Dead and teary

Embrace the look of death when out of all other options. Make sure you dab on a powdery pale foundation that matches your skin tone. Then with your liner, draw on tears. Black tears and pale skin would give you the perfectly dead and creepy look. You can be a spooky kitten or doll too by just wearing a headband or hair bow.

Pop art

Pop art makeup is not only easy to wear but in trend too. You can sketch a few lines and use a few more colors to perfect your look. Bright pink lipstick and a hint of blue or yellow eyeshadow would do. Draw on black lines highlighting your face. Turn into a comic book character or a snapchat filter face. Unique and chic at once.