To sparkle is a priority, let no one tell you otherwise. Brands too, have been taking this mantra to their heart with Too Faced and GlamGlow introducing face masks that help you shine while they vacuum away the gunk. The latest face mask product to stand in the queue of glittery amazingness is E.L.F Cosmetics Pore Refining Glitter Peel-Off Mask. And this one makes things better because of how cheaply priced it is!

Comprising charcoal, witch hazel, and lavender, this facial product works to caress your skin and keep it looking beautiful. Together these three elements work magic to cleanse your pores of impurities. It contains actual glitter to make caring for your skin a glamorous experience. The peel-off mask by E.L.F Cosmetics can be conveniently applied and then unlike most other masks, it comes off in one go. So you don’t have to tear it from all the edges in hopes that it will finally un-hug your skin in an hour or so.

The brand revealed this fabulous mask on its Instagram saying, “Take your skincare game from 0 to 💯 with our NEW Pore Refining Peel Off Mask! This mask strips away dirt and oil to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and leave a softer, clearer complexion. Oh, and did we mention it’s infused with GLITTER ✨!?! Talk about #skincareandchill #selfie goals!”

When it is pasted on, it sits on your face with a glossy sheen and then turns matte when it’s time to pull it off. The best part? It comes with an affordable price tag of $8 USD which is honestly a steal. With this mask, you get to be the sparkle queen minus the mess or the anxiety of having to spend too much. But don’t let it distract you from the fact that E.L.F also has a $2 sheet mask that works as a primer too. Which means that it not only keeps oiling in check but also makeup.