Khloe Kardashian is back at posting stories about heartbreak. A recent post of hers though has us wondering who she is addressing. The reality TV show star posted a quote to her Instagram account that read, “Your loyalty might have kept you in some situations that common sense should’ve talked you out of. That’s just the kind of person you are.”

While its obvious that she’s talking about her own loyalty which relationship is Khloe Kardashian referring to? The 34-year-old can be addressing either Tristan Thompson or Lamar Odom. It can be though, that both the men were on her mind when she posted these words.

Thompson left Khloe in a miserable position when he cheated on her not once but twice. And both the times he made sure that the betrayal hit her hard. The NBA player was first found cheating when Khloe was pregnant with his baby, about to go in labor.

The second time news exploded like a bomb that he was hitting on Jordyn Woods at his home party and had even kissed her on the lips. Looking at how close Woods used to be to the Kardashian-Jenners, this blow was a pretty bad one.

Lamar Odom also has a past with Khloe. The Good American founder was married to Odom and divorced him in 2016 after he was found cheating on her multiple times. Khloe gave both the men chances that they clearly weren’t worth.

Now while the Tristan Thompson controversy is more recent, like it happened only a few months back, our guess is that this story can also be about Odom because of how he is in the news these days for bringing up Khloe’s name again and again.

In a recent interview with CNN, the NBA player even said that he’d remarry the Revenge Body star within a “heartbeat” had he been given a chance. “I am still deeply in love with my ex-wife,” said the basketballer. “But, then again, I have to live in a rational space. If it’s just being her friend, then that’s a blessing in itself. If it goes further, than that, of course that’s the icing on the cake.”

Who do you think Khloe was thinking about when she made this post? Perhaps neither or both of the NBA players who have cheated on her? Or was this quote just for Lamar?