A lot has been happening in the Kardashian-Jenner world as always, but one news has overshadowed all others. You all must be aware of it as well unless, of course, you’ve been living under a rock. On Tuesday last week, it was disclosed that Jordyn Woods, who is Kylie Jenner’s former best friend and was a close confidant of the famous fam, had made out with Tristan Thompson.

Following this news, Khloe broke up with the NBA player and the entire Kar-Jenner clan cut off Woods. Thompson, who is the Good American founder’s baby daddy, may not care about whether or not he is in the Kardashians’ good books, but the 21-year-old sure does. Not only has the model been trying to apologize, reports also say she is devastated.

However, Khloe may not ever forgive Jordyn Woods according to what her current Instagram stories indicate. The 34-year-old has been posting several status stories to her followers on the photo-sharing app. The latest stories posted by her clearly hint that she is talking about Jordyn Woods.

In the first story Khloe has written, “People reveal themselves through their actions.” In the second one, she’s typed, “No matter how much a snake sheds skin. It’s still a snake” complete with a snake emoji. Ouch! It’s obvious that Khloe just referred to the 21-year-old former plus-size representative as a snake. The sisters have not openly spoken about the matter, but they have been dissing Jordyn Woods online quite a bit.


Kim Kardashian shared stories with Malika Haqq in which she could be seen singing lyrics that were about betrayal. Even ex-BFF Kylie Jenner, ever the marketing genius, used the situation to sell her Jordyn lipsticks by slashing down their price to half! Several of Jordyn Woods’ friends have stopped speaking to her and word says she has also been dropped out of many modeling gigs.