The Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods drama has long ended but some people are still not over it. Both the former best friends may not be publicly talking to one another, but sources say that they are in touch via texting. Now some people think that Woods just shaded the Kylie Cosmetics founder on Instagram. And she quickly deleted the post which people thought was a subtle way of slamming Kylie.

Late last night, after 2 am, the Eyllure eyelash queen took to the photo-sharing app to share a shot of herself with her back to the wall, hands wrapped around her face. The entire focus of the picture was on Jordyn’s pointy nails which were glowing in the dark purple of the snap. “Girls be doin the most to show off their nail color,” read the caption along with a laughing emoji. Now if you, like the most of us, regularly stalk Kylie Jenner, then you’d be knowing she posts several photos of her nails.

So, naturally, many people immediately thought that Jordyn Woods was throwing shade at the makeup mogul. That’s when Jordyn instantly deleted the picture she had shared, perhaps because it was not her intention to slam Kylie. Baut when she noticed that the content she had shared was giving such a hint, she trashed the picture to avoid conflict or controversy. Kylie and Jordyn broke up after years of friendship in February when it was found that Jordyn had made out with Khloe Kardashian’s then-boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

Following the scandal, Jordyn had clarified that nothing serious had happened and she was not involved with the NBA player. Some people also think that the entire scene was staged so as to attract more viewers to Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ next season. If that’s the case, which it doesn’t seem to be, Kylie and Jordyn are probably sitting somewhere together, laughing at how naïve we are!