Selena Gomez held the title of the most followed celebrity on Instagram for a longgg time. However, the crown of this status has been lifted off her head just recently. The soccer player who’s follower count stood second on the platform, has taken over her throne.

At the end of September, the Taki Taki singer had announced that she was taking another break from the social media platform. Following that, earlier this month, news arose informing fans that Gomez had been hospitalized due to her anxiety and depression.

Reportedly the former Disney star suffered through a panic attack when she got overwhelmed due to her low WBC count. Her reaction to her alarmingly deteriorating health condition worsened her situation. The last time she posted on the app was on September 23.

During this time, Cristiano Ronaldo’s number of followers has surpassed hers. His latest Instagram update came today morning. Even though he is ahead of her, it can happen that once Gomez starts posting again, she can take her position as the most followed user back.

However, the 26-year-old certainly does not care about that. She has been open about how her Instagram title does not mean much to her. In fact, she does not even know her password to the photo-sharing platform because all of it does not seem real to her.

Only last month, during an Insta live session, Gomez had said, “Numbers don’t matter.” She further added, “None of this matters. I don’t care how many followers I have. I don’t. It’s insane so many people are obsessed. Like, chill out.”

Well, that makes total sense. That is a very mature thing to say in times when people are obsessed with social media presence. Following these celebs, Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian stand as the third and fourth most followed people on the platform, respectively.