ColourPop has some really fair reasons to attract us toward it. For one, the makeup articles that it offers aren’t pricey at all. And two, the makeup is simply drop dead gorgeous. So no one would want to turn down the makeup of the brand really. This time around, we have ColourPop new eyeshadows that are launching today plus some more good news so read on, girls.

Firstly, we have the Supernova Shadow Metallic Liquid Eyeshadows from the brand. There are three superb shades coming out today with each tagged at a price of only $7. Time to spin in circles with all the excitement. But before that, memorize the shades so that you can select the one that is your new instant fav or all of them. The shades include Mothership, Running In Orbits, and Uf-Woah. Tempting, right? Have a look at the swatches.

ColorPop New Eyeshadows


Secondly, also launching today to double our excitement are 6 New Super Shock Shadows. These aren’t liquid but in shades. The shade card includes some amazing colors including A Little Quarky, Set To Sun, Chromoscope, Helio Goodbye, LIT Year, and Cosmic Charge. Time to definitely spin out of control with all the excited energy.

But hold on, again, there’s a good news too. ColourPop is also restocking its concealers and Luster Dust. The highlighter is literally love so you shouldn’t miss the chance of getting your hands on it while you still have the time too. So, those of you who have missed these or have secretly been wishing to have them back in the stock, you’ve got them now!

Since the launch of ColourPop new eyeshadows and restocking is all done today, you wouldn’t even have to wait around and pretend that you are good at killing all the waiting time. Let’s cut to the anthem now ladies: on your mark, get set, go.