Having its birthplace in Taiwan and popular throughout Asia and beyond, cheese tea comprises of good old green or black tea topped with a creamy layer of cheese. This cream cheese foam is typically salted as well as sweet while the tea itself is sweetened.

This type of a tea can be made with or without milk and it comes in a variety of flavors. You can enjoy a hot or cold cup of this tea depending on your liking. But is cheese tea as healthy as it is famed? Let’s dig into this below.

The Health Benefits Of Cheese Tea

Not much research has been conducted on cheese tea, but an ample amount has been carried out on the main ingredients – tea, sugar, salt, and dairy.

Studies show that green tea is great for heart health as well as for losing weight. It contains catechins which are antioxidants that can fight off free radical damage. Moreover, black tea is also good for health as it can reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, inflammation as well as the risk of developing cancer.

This brings us to full fat dairy. This ingredient was once believed to be bad for heart health, however, those claims have been debunked due to weak links. Recent studies, though show that such dairy products can reduce risk of metabolic syndrome and obesity.

The Adverse Side Effects Of Cheese Tea

There are also cons associated with cheese tea. First off all, it is not a beverage that can be enjoyed by those who are lactose intolerant. Secondly, the drink is sweetened, and sugar doesn’t have a positive influence on health.

It can cause diabetes type 2, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and is even linked to certain cancers. Cheese tea is high in calories which means excess consumption can lead to weight gain easily. Most fancy teas also have a lot of additives in the blend which is another reason behind why they are unpreferable.

Another factor that should also be considered is that there is a small amount of salt sprinkled over the cheese foam. This salt is not good for the patients of hypertension as sodium is not good for the heart.

So, Can Cheese Tea Be Called Healthy?

While you can occasionally enjoy cheese tea making it a regular part of your routine is not a good idea. This is because cheese tea is high in both sugar and calories which are harmful for health. Furthermore, some people may find it is not suitable for them due to their lactose intolerance.

But the calories and sugar do not mean that you cannot enjoy a cup of cheese tea because of the fear of raising disease risk. You can always prepare cheese tea at home by making a cup of green or black tea.

Top it up with the mix of softened cream cheese and whipped cream plus add the amount of sugar you deem fit. Lastly, sprinkle some salt on it and enjoy. Your homemade delicious drink will also not have any additives which are usually a part of the cheese tea that is served at restaurants.

Key Takeaway

Cheese tea is garnering a lot of attention, but its health profile is such that it must not be consumed too regularly. This is because it comprises of sugar, calories, and additives. However, tea is good for health provided it is unsweetened, and full-fat dairy may also benefit health in some ways.

Therefore, enjoying this beverage once in a while shouldn’t be feared. You can also make it at home to ensure it is comparatively healthy.