This is the year of awful breakups, unexpected ones. However, from the two fan-favorite couples that went their separate ways recently, one of the them is surely on the way of reuniting and it seems as if the other one would also eventually patch-up! We’re talking about Zigi, the couple that’s back together. And Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, the couple that announced their amicable split last month, who also seem to be on the road to recovery.

However, nothing is set in stone. The Step Up stars announced their separation after nine years of marriage, leaving fans in absolute shock. But recently they have been hanging a lot together; is it just for their daughter, Everly? Or is there more to this than just that? A source told People, “Jenna is still on good terms with Channing.” The insider further added, “They get along. They spend some time together as a family, but mostly separately with Everly.”

It’s good to know that the parents are spending time as a family for giving their baby girl a normal life. But it’s even better to know that they are getting along! US Weekly also reported that a source told the publication that Channing Tatum “definitely misses Jenna.” Perhaps, this estranged pair just needs time to fix whatever went wrong. However, don’t hope for too much.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have been spotted out and about sans their wedding bands. Reports also show that Jenna is moving on with her life and doing pretty well at it. She’s also not using the last name Tatum anymore. So, while these two truly do care for each other, maybe they are just not meant to be together anymore. Either way, breakups are hard. We wish the best to work out in their favor, whether they end up together or not.