Aside from being a part of the makeup world, eyebrows are today a category of their own. Think back to last year, how many eyebrow trends did you spot? Uncountable! This year as well, we already have more than a dozen eyebrow trends on our plate.

We just discussed Shrek Eyebrows recently, but those were just an attempt at expressing the artists’ love for the character and her way of pulling out a few laughs from her friends. However, this latest eyebrow trend has been introduced in all seriousness. It’s called the Chain Eyebrows trend and has been created by Chuni Zahedi, who goes by the handle @chunimakeup on Instagram.

This MUA is based in Finland and the look that she has birthed comprises of a chain running along the lower side of each eyebrow. A moment of praise though, because in a movie, such a look might look pretty dapper! It’s cooler than the previous trends of this year which included halo brows, heartbeat brows, garden brows, blah, blah, blah.

In an email conversation with Cosmopolitan, Zahedi told the publication that she worked at a jewelry store and found a use for the broken pieces for chains which were otherwise tossed in the bin. She also said that initially she had tried the look with chains incorporated in her cut crease. Seeing the positive reaction that it brought on, she went on and created this chain eyebrow look.

Seven months back, we saw a similar trend in which MUA’s used jewels to create the effect of a chain interlacing the brow. If you’re a fan of the chain brow look but find pasting on a chain too heavy, you can go for the gem-pasting trick. Either way, with any sparkly, bejeweled look you’d be able to nail this trend. Let’s see which bizarre eyebrow trend hits us next.