First at the New York Fashion Week and now at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Cardi B proved to be a queen. The rapper showed off her chic style game in a burgundy tulle dress by Christian Siriano on Sunday night in Los Angeles. Not just was her style stellar but so was her confidence when she thanked not just her admirers but her haters too!

“I wanna thank my fans, Bardi Gang, because even when I’m wrong they be like, ‘She’s still right!’” said the 25-year-old as she accepted the award for the best new artist. “And I wanna thank my haters too because they be downloading my stuff, so they can hear it and talk crap about it, but it benefits me!”

Cardi B is not the first celebrity to rock a tulle dress. Before her, musician and Fenty Beauty founder Rihanna was seen in a gorgeous tulle frock in blue last year. Then Kim K also posed in one as seen in her Instagram photos. And this was not the only tulle dress that the Bronx songstress rocked on March 11.

She opened the awards’ ceremony with a stellar performance that had the audience in its grip. The Bartier Cardi singer sang a couple of her mixes and was seen in a stunning all-black Moschino outfit. Her tulle skirt had all the spotlight to itself which she had paired with a studded leather blouse. Cardi B also revealed that her much-awaited album would be coming out in April.

“My album will be coming in April! Yes, sir, April.” The star didn’t just leave her fans impressed but other celebs as well. While Cardi was giving her speech, Paris Hilton glanced at her fiancé, Chris Zylka, saying, “I love her!” Cardi B has a lot more lined up. Later this year, she will be touring with Bruno Mars.