The Originals airs on the CW for one last season starting this month. But when the trailer for the final installment came out it left many fans disappointed. Reason? They were expecting to see more Klaus and Caroline action, but they caught a glimpse of none despite how they have been made to think that their favorite ship will have quite a few scenes.

Then thanks to E! a few pictures of Klaroline from the fifth season started to circulate on the internet and that managed to calm down the shippers a bit. The audience is worried that the Klaroline moments in the show would be little to none in comparison to the Mikaelson family drama. Which is, of course, the main point of the show.

However, reportedly Julie Plec has made sure that fans get what they have been waiting for. Initially, it was planned that Candice King aka Caroline will only star in a single episode of the show. However, later on, due to the insistence of fans, some alterations were made. As a result, Candice King would be taking up her TVD role to arrive in five episodes of TO rather than one!

In a recent interview with NKD Mag, Candice said, “Julie Plec always had a very clear idea of what she wanted for Caroline and Klaus together. It wasn’t exactly always in line with what the fans wanted for those characters…she wrote very important moments that she wanted for those characters, but I think she also gave a lot to the fans and what they wanted to see.”

Remember what Julie said in one of her interviews when talking about Klaroline? That they had that “electricity” but there were “no promises” about the conclusion of their love story. Candice further added that her role in the last season of TO “was just supposed to be a quick little pop-in to say goodbye to the Caroline and Klaus storyline for the fans.”

However, things changed eventually and “one thing led to another, as it usually does with Julie and I. A couple bottles of wine later and I’m in five episodes of the show.” Here’s to hoping that the final season manages to be better than what everyone is expecting. Too sad that The Originals is ending? Don’t be just yet. We’ll probably, hopefully, be getting a Hope-centric spin-off.