They’re not wrong when they say that the first thing another person judges you by is your shoes. They don’t just define your style but also your personality. Sometimes, shoes can even talk about your background. This is why, while getting a good outfit, you should never ignore your footwear game.

Talking about shoes, boots made a major comeback last year. And it was obvious even then, that this style was not going to walk out the door anytime soon. If anything, it has just gotten bigger and better. If you’re out shopping for winter or loading your wardrobe with spring must-haves, be sure to include boots in it.

To make things easier for you, here are all the boot trends 2018 that are in vogue.

Cowboy boots

While last year, not many were seen rocking a pair of cowboy boots, this year they are totally trending. Not only brands from Calvin Klein and Chloe’s to Topshop have approved but celebrities like Kate Bosworth too. Also, these are coming in a variety of styles; from being black and simple to covered in red snakeskin.

Chunky Boots

It all started with the chunky sneaker that walked down the ramp, but now super-chunky boots are also in the spotlight. Thick soles with embellishments of different kinds is the trend that is selling like hotcakes. This style comes as a practical choice for people who live in cold countries. Brands like Frye and Burberry have given their thumbs up to the chunky boot trend.

PVC boots

Plastic encased feet are being seen everywhere from the runways to the streets. The trend made its debut last year and like every new thing, it wasn’t as warmly accepted by everyone. However, it made its place. Kim Kardashian and Kaia Gerber have also rocked the trend. Couture houses like Chanel have put forward their versions and so have brands like Kendall + Kylie.

Red Boots

Red might not be the color of the year but then again, the timeless shade doesn’t need to be. Red is classy, chic, and goes with almost everything. So, it’s no surprise that it has started a boot trend of its own. Designers and celebrities both seem to be obsessed with red-hot boots whether they be booties or OTKs. Shay Mitchell, Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, all these A-listers have sported red boots.

Metallic boots

They made their entrance more than a year back but they’re still in. They’re a major street style trend, one that you should invest in. Classic metallic boots in not just silver and gold but even pink ones are in-trend. They can take your style up another notch. Gigi Hadid has glammed up in a pair too. You can cope a pair from Nordstrom.

Sock boots

Step out in style rocking a pair of this latest trend. Sock boots became very popular last fall, but it seems like they’re not in the mood of leaving the trend stage. Stuart Weitzman and other fashion big names have created their own versions. Fendi and Balenciaga runways have also had these shoes walk down the catwalk. Kaia Gerber walked the Chanel spring-summer 2018 ramp earlier this year wearing an embellished pair of sock boots.

Logo-stamped boots

Only a while back brands brought apparel and handbags to the fore that read loud and proud the name of the brand. This trend is now being seen on boots too, with Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana. OTKs, ankle boots, and more different styles have their outlines entirely covered in graffiti and logo marked prints.