Violet might be the Pantone color of the year but it’s elder brother purple is having all the fun right now. That is because the latest hair color trend has everyone impressed with how luscious and eye-catchy it looks. Meet Blackberry hair, the hair dye shade that can make you look like a gorgeous hip beauty.

Created by Rockville, MD-based hairstylist Megan Schipani, the blackberry hair trend is the internet’s latest obsession. And it totally deserves to be. While it catches all the attention and the wows, it does require that much attention. Also, Schipani says it suits everyone provided the purple shade is customized to go with one’s skin tone.

the look is dark and mesmerizing and perfect for all those who are looking for something easy to manage in their busy lives. In her interview with Allure, the hairstylist revealed that the look she had created the look for a client who was looking for something fun yet low-maintenance.

Schipani said, “Believe it or not, this color really doesn’t require a whole lot of care, apart from the typical cold rinses and infrequent washing routine. Since I didn’t bleach her out or touch her roots, the color should grow out super smoothly.”

Surprised? We’re too. Who knew a color like purple could be easily maintainable? However, it took Schipani about 8 hours to complete her creative process of dying her client’s hair. She employed a balayage trick in which she only lightened the strands that had to be painted in purple.

Then she used L’Anza Hair Care Vibes in purple and added a bit of blue over the blonde strands. On her Instagram, she shared a shot of the end result, and captioned it, “loving the @lanzahaircare Vibes Shades. Put the violet with a hint of blue over top a previous balayage and it’s beautiful! Also that shine is 👌🏻👌🏻 Followed with the Trauma Treatment and oil.”