The fact that exercise carries more benefits than just helping to maintain a slim and trimmed physique is undebatable. Working out for maintaining your health and fitness, however, sits on the pillars of consistency and dedication. Both of these don’t come until you follow a strict schedule that takes out a time slot when you move your muscles. In this context, surfaces the question concerning the benefits of morning exercise.
Waking up to a cup of coffee sounds like an excellent idea. Besides, not many folks are willing to hit the gym or jog around the park as and when they wake up. After all, it requires shifting your just-woken-up limbs into an active episode of a workout. Upon closer inspection, however, the haze of laziness is ever willing to prevent you into jumping into your physical activity zone, be it morning time or the evening when you have returned dead tired from your work.
Additionally, keeping aside the lazy bubble that has most of us wrapped almost every time of the day, the benefits of morning exercise are an enticing factor to beckon you to working out in the mornings. Here is an in-depth look at the morning exercising advantages for your health:

1. Morning exercise boosts your metabolic activity

If you’re an avid reader or fitness enthusiast, it wouldn’t take you long in comprehending the importance of an active metabolism. Breaking sweat early in the morning kick-starts your metabolism that works actively to burn calories. And when there are calories burning naturally, there is less risk of weight gain.
The scientific term for this is the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which signifies burning of calories in the aftermath of a workout. Such a responsibility of your workout continues even if you are driving or sitting at a desk. A study revealed that people tend to burn roughly 190 calories after exercise. This is in comparison with people who don’t move their muscles at all.

2. Keeps the extra calories at bay

There is a chance that you think that you have a free pass to eat all that you want since you have already worked out under the covers of dawn. However, research indicates otherwise. Morning exercisers are not at risk of intake of unnecessary calories because the workout makes food appear less appealing to them. The study analyzed the brain activity of women who exercised for 45 minutes in the morning and those who didn’t as part of the control group.
The analysis revealed that the women who worked out were not much interested in images of appetizing food. The study also showed that the morning exercisers consumed less food in the day as compared to those who skipped their workout. Both of the factors highlight that the morning exercise doesn’t add to the fat reserves, rather it chips in a reduction in them.

3. Burns more fat

Morning exercise is also known for burning more fat. A study showed that working out on an empty stomach helps to burn around 20% more fat than having a meal (breakfast) before working out. Morning workouts also keep your energy and agility levels up for the entire day.
Thus, putting several factors together confirms that morning exercise benefits for weight loss are numerous. Firstly, it burns more fat. Secondly, it keeps mindless munching, which adds to the weight digits, at bay. Lastly, it optimizes your metabolic functioning such that your metabolism burns more calories. Morning exercises also encourage the metabolic activity to burn calories instead of preserving more energy and calories, just like in the case of morning breakfast.

4. Maintains workout consistency

As mentioned, fitness requires consistency. It doesn’t work if you decide to exercise for a day in the week and enter a couch potato’s zone for the rest of the week. Even if you schedule yourself to work out in the mornings though, you will be able to better cultivate consistency, as the timing carves a place in your daily schedule.
The chances of you getting wrapped up in a consistency bubble also range between slim to zero. Other times of the day might bring lazy whisperings of not working out in the company of fatigue. Also, there is a thick chance that you compromise with your workout hours as the hustle bustle of daily life engulfs you. Jasmin Theard, ACSM HFS, an exercise physiologist at Piedmont Atlanta Fitness Center adds to this, “Morning workouts help reduce the possibility for obstacles to present themselves. There is also less opportunity to make excuses.”

5. Gives a sense of accomplishment

Akin to keeping consistency in your workout routine, morning exercises also instill a sense of achievement. Basically, crossing exercise from your daily to-do list early in the morning leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.
Heather Milton, senior exercise physiologist at New York University’s performance lab explains this. She says, “Morning workouts tend to be completed by those who prefer to check exercise off their list for the day before the rest of the daily to-do’s, children’s needs, busy gym or decrease in motivation hit them.” Lots of people who want to keep fit and maintain their health tend to be parents. It’s hard for them to sneak exercise into their busy routines.

6. Hormones are supportive at this time of the day

In the early hours of the morning, critical hormones like testosterone in the body are at an elevated point in the body. These help to build muscle mass and also support heavy exercises. Therefore, working out in the morning leaves you at an advantage of using the elevated hormone levels to your favor.
In addition to this, morning time also affords the right workout temperature. In the summers, later outdoors workout can be hampered by the high temperatures. Whereas, in the case, of winters, work outs in the later part of the day can get dark due to shorter days. In this context, mornings offer just the right time for exercising.

7. Promotes better sleep

Benefits of morning exercise also entail better sleep. The National Sleep Foundation applauds the role of early morning workout for better sleep at the night. It indicates that working out enhances your body temperature and also stimulate your body into an active mode. This creates difficulty in fetching the required zzz.
On the other hand, working out in the morning, which is almost 15 or more hours before going to bed, leads to a deeper and an improved quality of sleep. On a side note, an early-morning alarm bears several health benefits too. These include better mood, longevity, and increased immunity.

8. Boosts focus

An early morning workout is also the right source of energy that is needed to wake your brain up. Resultantly, you are able to boost your concentration and mental ability. There is evidence that backs this up. In addition to the mental clarity, exercise in the morning hours also provide greater energy and amps up your productivity.
In fact, exercise gains greater points over caffeine consumption in cognitive tests. The former performs 12% better on cognitive tests relative with 6% of improvement attributed to caffeine. This is almost half the improvement, which simply adds to the morning exercise benefits.