We’ve waved goodbye and said our final words to 2017. We’ve also spent the last two days making mistakes while writing the date. We’ve wasted nights wondering about the ifs and buts of the previous year, making lists of resolutions for this year and low-key feeling slightly lost thinking how fast time is rushing by.

Now it’s time to close those doors, pack the bags, stuff ‘em in the store, and leave the last year where it belongs; in the past. While most of us would have that resolutions-sheet unchecked no matter how many times we remind ourselves that we must at least check off a few items, what we’ll all religiously be following would be the trends this year welcomes.

The last year brought a lot of bizarre beauty trends and even more of those trends that made us gush our hearts out. That said, from what the fashion world is currently talking about, what the past has taught us and what little we’ve garnered from here and there, here is a list of the beauty trends 2018 that you’ll be seeing everywhere.

Long lashes, please

According to Pinterest, this year would be about lush eyelashes. Not mini-mouse crazy ones, but thick and long lashes would be up on the beauty charts occupying the topmost trends. Getting the look is not all the difficult either. Hold on to a life-giving mascara or go for falsies. There are several home remedies as well that can help you raise your lash game in a nourishing way.

beauty trends 2018

Here are some lovely options that can serve the purpose: Dior Diorshow Pump‘N’Volume Mascara that you can cop for $29. L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise that comes for $9.99, and Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid West Coast Glow Lash Sensational Mascara that is available for just $8.

Lip stains all the way

Since this year is going to be about keeping your look natural and we all know how bare faces are just an illusion, lip tints would be here for assistance. Prepare to revamp your makeup collection to include fifty shades of lip stains. Though a bit tricky to apply, a lip stain gives a more natural vibe than matte lipsticks or glosses.

Topping our favorites list are Becca Beach Lip and Blush Tint which you can grab for $25, Milk Makeup Oil Lip Stain which retails for $18, RMS Cheek to Lip Stain which is priced at $36, and Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks that comes for for $22.

Color me red

While lip stains would be more in vogue, you really cannot just absolutely ditch lipsticks. However, the fashion and beauty industry might be setting their rules to red. The thing about red is that this shade is never really out. The classic color cannot stand at the back of the row quietly. After all, on all those days when you’re in doubt, you know it’s only red that can save you.

Matte or glossy, here are a few red lipsticks that have made it to the top: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Dragon Girl that comes for $27, Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Color called Red Revival that is priced at $7.49, and Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick named Underage Red that retails at Sephora for $20.

Oil it away

There was a time when literally everyone feared oils. Hair oil? No way, how tacky! Skin oils? Nope, my skin is oily already. Oil massage? Um, nah, that seems like it shouldn’t even be a thing. Well, you’ll no more be hearing all these statements, because oils are becoming essentials. Oiling your hair is no more considered a no-way thing.

Especially with Gigi Hadid disclosing that the secret behind her shiny strands is oiling. Head to toe oiling is one of the beauty trends 2018. Cleansing oils, oils for removing makeup, blah, blah, are in and there are also oil products that have been particularly designed for those who have skin that belongs to the oily type.

beauty trends 2018

Light on makeup, big on skincare

The last year taught us quite a few tips to keep your skin naturally glowing. The glass skin trend swept the internet and was crowned queen. K-beauty had its best days with innovative and nutritional skincare routines. This year, we’d see more of that; skincare products will have a huge demand. But K-Beauty would also get some serious competition from J-Beauty.

Either way, we’re up for all the ways to keep us ladies looking beautiful without all those cakey layers of makeup. Simplicity in beauty will take the center spot on the stage and heavy makeup will take a back seat. These skincare regimes will have multiple steps and multiple products to give you that natural look.

Extreme hair lengths

Time for the lob to exit. Even though we’ve seen so many celebrities recently have their locks cut into a lob, 2018 will be all about either downright short pixie cuts or long manes. That is what Pinterest says, even though Kim K just defied that and cut her Rapunzel strands into a shoulder length, edgy lob.

However, with Kim K, hairstyles can change as quickly as the color of the sky and we won’t be surprised if like the last time she again switches to her signature length within a short period. With haircuts and colors though, things are ever-changing.

Shimmer glimmer

From how big makeup companies have treated fans in 2017, it’s pretty obvious that glitter would not be dying anytime soon. The shimmery look would occupy a spot in 2018 as well. You’ll be seeing glittery glosses and holographic highlighters. The out-of-this-world look would win at parties.

Brands like Fenty Beauty, KKW Beauty, and Huda Beauty have already given us a lot of those luminous palettes. From shimmery highlighters to shimmery lips, prepare to see sparkle everywhere your head.

beauty trends 2018


Inclusivity in beauty

One of the biggest gift women received in the year that just went by was Fenty Beauty. Rihanna brought something new to the makeup world, something that was has been much needed. With her 40 shades of foundation, the Disturbia singer shook the industry and gave a suitable match to women of every color.

With the blooming success of her approach, other brands came up with product assortments that embraced the concept. This year, we’ll see more of inclusive beauty. Lipsticks and skin colors have been explored so perhaps we shall expect something more? Good for us, Rihanna doesn’t seem to be in the mood to stop anyway.

Electric lids

While the cakey makeup look that has dominated our social media feeds for so long will be going down the drain, some pop will still remain in the form of bright eyelids. Remember how Selena Gomez gave us major pointers about this just last year when she made sure that her makeup game stood out with bright pink painted lids?

This year, you’ll see more of the dramatic look, with pinks and blues at their brightest making your eyes look wow. Be sure to never glide on a dark lipstick with this look though unless you aim to ace the clown look.